Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maid Super By Design

It's hard for me to believe this is my first post on the subject of artist Adam Warren 'Sexy Superhero Sitcom' comic book 'Empowered' but I suppose even the coolest things can slip your mind from time to time.

Unfortunately I don't have the time or frame of mind right now to talk about the series in detail but I will say - It is AWESOME! On that note I highly recommend checking it out.

While normally published in a hefty, digest format similar to manga, Empowered Special #2 - 10 Questions for Maidman has released this week in traditional comic book form. In addition, the usually black & white illustrations are interspersed with full color art (though the color sections are really good they aren't actually drawn by Warren).

I've considered running a campaign in this universe but I think it would require the players be familiar with the series. Not because of continuity mind you but to really get a feel for the world that Emp and company live in.


Barking Alien


  1. I liked the robot that checks her out to see if she qualifies for the space-harem. He talks funny.

  2. Ah yes! The Caged Demonwolf Doth Speak in a Vehement Vernacular Most Voluminous! lol