Thursday, June 2, 2011

DC Reboots Its Universe Again...Again

The big news in comic books is that following the current intertitle crossover Flashpoint, DC intends to relaunch/reboot its universe ONE - MORE - TIME, with 52 titles starting over at #1 in September.

The most interesting element of this reboot is that starting in September DC comic books will be available for online download on the same day the physical books are released. This last bit could be great for the fans and company alike but as I see it, probably not great for the Mom and Pop retailer.

See, Graphic Novels are great items for Barnes and Nobles and Amazon and such but it's unlikely they're doing great selling individual issues. The average magazine shop and candy store can barely keep up with all the titles Marvel and DC put out as it is. So if the books are available online, unless you're a dedicated comic book store, why carry individual issues at all?

Now from a DC comic book fan angle, all I can say is...Stop. Plleeeeaaassse just stop. I want to enjoy stories about my favorite characters. Stop making those stories invalid. Stop trying to build a continuity and then erasing it. Either don't make any attempt to have continuity or let it build and let it alone.

I also find some of the reboot elements a little pointless. Not bad mind you, just silly. Case in point - You are altering Superman's costume and Wonder Woman's costume (which should last about 6-12 issues before it looks the old way to make it match how they appear in animation or on a lunchbox or as a figure or whatever) and yet Aquaman remains unchanged. WTF?! This is your chance to give him a cool look and you raise Superman's collar? That is just a wasted opportunity.

I don't really know what to say. I am a diehard DC fan and yet...I'm tired of the reboots. I'll check it out, read anything that's good and then wait for the next one.

Should be about five years before they reboot again.

The Guardians of the Universe don't need Green Lanterns. They need a decent IT guy to check out their server. It seems to randomly reboot the system.

Barking Alien


  1. Not sure if you read the dandy (and literate) DC blog, The Absorbascon, but the author offers some good reasons for a reboot.

  2. The problem with the Absorbascon list is that the people who made everything on that list necessary are the same folks (by and large) that will be in charge of the new titles. What I want to see rebooted is their entire editorial staff, from the co-publishers on down.

    I'd rather see DC go continuity-free. The only things I've found worthwhile from them in recent years are projects like Batman: The Brave & The Bold that treat continuity as nothing more than a cast of characters they can draw from for done-in-one stories.

  3. You give it five years? How long has it been since Final Crisis?

  4. I think it's funny how some of the best super-hero stories are being done "for kids". Just look at the various non-continuity comics such as the Marvel Adventures line, or the fantastic Young Justice on Cartoon Network.

  5. While I don't know about [re]booting the DC staff, I agree wholeheartedly with both Joshua's and Erin's takes on "free-wheelin' continuity". I love the assorted cartoon treatments.

  6. @Erin: and don't forget the Avengers cartoon on that Disney XD channel! Another "kids" show that is pretty great!

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again, DC needs its alternate Earths and they're the only way to save the company.

    Each comic book should have a small circle with the words 'Earth 1' or 'Earth Two' in it. The logo would resemble the old National Comics/DC Comic logo and the emblem used on the cover of the issues in the 'One Year later' story arc that followed Infinite Crisis.

    This easily identifies which Earth the story takes place on. All Earth-1 books (the majority) are connected, the few Earth-2 books would be connected, Capt. Marvel/Shazam takes place on Earth-S so he doesn't have to play second fiddle to Superman and we can get updated versions of the other Whiz heroes like Bullet Man & Bullet Girl, Spy Smasher and Mr. Scarlet.

    The point is, you want to reboot? Go ahead and reboot. Just reboot Earth-1 though. Leave us, the fans, with the other stories unhampered by your desire to change for changes sake.

    I don't Blackest Night to have not happened. I want lots of different kryptonite. Huntress should be Batman and Catwoman's daughter AND Batman and Catwoman shouldn't have a daughter. How do you do both. ALTERNATE EARTHS!

    Save the future of your company with an idea from 50 years ago. It's not that hard. Heck, I thought of it. Aren't you guys paid to figure this stuff out?