Saturday, July 2, 2011

Change of Pace

As is often the case with me, I am not without ideas for games but rather overrun with far too many. While I have not been recapping my Champions game, it is going amazingly well if a bit chaotically and I am getting my Superhero RPG a thousand fold because of it.
But...I could use a breather. A diversion. A change of pace.

At least for the July 4th weekend I'd really like to play a one shot of something else. I have some of the guys up for a game Monday and now I'm just trying to decide what to run.
I'm leaning toward Sci-Fi, that favorite gaming subject of mine that for some reason seems to get the least play these days. Part of me wants to run a straight up military shoot-em-up game. Ideas include Traveller where we play Battle Dress garbed Space Marines, Deathwatch (Warhammer 40K) for a similar vibe or some kind of crazy Star Frontiers jammy, though that last one hasn't really coalesced completely in my head yet.


The possibility exists for my return to a monthly game at my FLGS The Compleat Strategist. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while's complicated. The Strat group is a real mix of different opinions, styles and preferences, many of which are not supremely flexible. At the same time, the group consists of a great bunch of guys and the desire to make it work is definitely there.

Personally I like it for mostly selfish reasons I'll admit. It's a big group and I love having a big group. I am loving my Champions game but it's only three players at the moment (a fourth and fifth may be on the way). I also like playing at the Strat because I love the store and my group cheering and hooping it up in the back definitely draws in the curious.*

Lastly (and I am aware that this is rather dicky of me), I like to show off. GMing is one of the few things I seem to be really good at, so I like doing it 'in public' as it were so others can see what a slightly atypical style is like and how it charges up the players.

When I was younger and less mature then I am now (stop laughing), I had a bad habit of watching someone run a game that was poorly received and then immediately wanting to run that genre. Y'know, see a D&D or Supers GM running with a group of players looking bored out of their minds and then being unable to resist the desire to run D&D to 'show'em how it's done'.

Thankfully I am past that. Largely. For the most part. Count to ten...shake it off Adam...shake it off...

OK. So that brings me back to the reason for this post. What to run?
Could my one shot on Independance Day be a prelude or practice run for what I'm going to do at the Strat? Possibly.

And what exactly will that be? Grrr...don't know. Other things intriguing me right now include...

My D&D-But-Not-For-Those-Who-Don't-Like-D&D.
Star Trek (Another try. Seriously, when do I not want to run Star Trek?).
Mekton? Maybe. Not exactly in a Mekton mood but not NOT in a Mekton mood. Wares Blade?

Much a-thinkin' needed,

Barking Alien

*I was at the Strat not long ago and horrified by the quiet in the back room. Horrified! It was so eerie.Are you gamers or not? Now I'm not saying you gotta have a frat party back there but for pete's sake drum up some excitement! Make some noise!

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  1. Holy carp! Wares Blade! I didn't know anyone else besides me and my friend Thomas knew that game existed!