Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Downed By Flame

Barkley is howling to mourn the fall of one of our favorite blogs. Damn shame. So few people talk about truly new school approaches and still manage to appeal to the old school mind set. That's a talent to be sure.

Worse yet, it fell to a bitting but not particular clever beast, one that has been sly and shrewd and cunning in the past but this time simply seemed to want to hurt.

Rest well weary traveler and answer the call again when the time is right.

Peace and Long Life,

Barking Alien


  1. C— always struck me as a genuine sort and an ambassador of goodwill between genres/styles.

    A sad loss and a shame.

  2. "[...]sly and shrewd and cunning[...]"

    Really? Every time I've checked that blog I've seen examples of the same. Granted, this one was in a league of it's own, but still just more of the same. The danger is that people tend to laugh at cruelty, and that only encourages the bully. Stop visiting his blog, and he'll lose what meagre power he sees himself having.

    And, yes, Destination Unknown will be missed.

  3. He's back, Barking. Posted a post and everything.

  4. update: Looks like he took a walk and decided to stick it out for now.

    It's sad when this griefing has actual deleterious affects on the community - when it becomes more than irritating (OK, and occasionally slightly amusing) background noise. That's when I start wondering whether terms of service are being breached and could lead to a shutting down.

  5. I went for a surf, sorted my head out and calmed down a bit. I endeavor to be a better blog type person and will keep my head down when my name pops up in bad ways.

  6. It's one thing to tease and quite another to hate. Heck, I am guilty of the occaisional mocking laugh at certain old schooler antics but to simply attack personal elements of another person is hurtful and unfunny.

    I remember the early days of YDIS, when it was edgy but humorous. Now it's just, 'I don't this guy so I'll be mean.' The basis for his not liking them? No clue. Haters gotta hate.