Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In It For The Long Haul

After suggesting a few ideas for the new campaign I'll be running at my FLGS, The Compleat Strategist, I received only a few initial reponses. The first was from the most, erm, vocal of our group who gave a very detailed overview of his opinion of each idea and why he thought they would make for a great campaign (or not).

Key among his criteria it seems was longevity. A good portion of his analysis of each campaign concept focused on whether or not it was viable to run 'for years to come'.

Now there was a time, probably no more than 10 years ago, when campaign longevity was definitely a factor in my mind when designing a game for my group(s). However, in that time I have moved three times, gotten married, gotten divorced, adopted a dog and played with at least 5 different groups. I am 42 years old. Longevity is in gaming for me is still having the same group in three months.

Between work schedule changes, kids (for those who have them) and the like, who plans on creating campaigns that will last years any more? Do you? Are you over 25? I mean seriously.

I'm interested to hear what the blogosphere thinks about this. Am I wrong in being thankful I get to game in the here and now? Should I be building something to last generations and stand the test of time? How does one do that these days?

My two longest running campaigns were a D&D (Sorta) campaign that ran about 3 1/2 years realtime* and a Star Trek campaign that lasted about 2*. I haven't had anything go more than a year since forever.

Barking Alien

*Actually both of these campaigns technically lasted a lot longer than similar campaigns as our session schedule was unusual. The D&D was run everyday, Mon-Fri for at least 5 hours during the summer (We played at summer camp) and once a week for about 8 hours during the winter/school months. Star Trek was the opposite. We played it Mon-Fri during the school months and occasional weekends during the summer.

If you figure most campaigns are played once a week for an average of about 6 hours, our campaigns stretched out would be very, very long.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Gary!


  1. I do, but I play with two groups, one online that consists of friends I've had for decades, and the other, one on one, face to face with my best friend (who lives in the same area that I do). I must say being willing to play via voice/video chat creates all sorts of possibilities for longevity.
    And, yes, I'm waaaay past 25.

  2. I aim for five sessions, and if that works, I'm grateful!

  3. Board gaming: three times a month.
    Miniature wargaming: twice a month.
    RPG's: once or twice a year. Maybe.

    The various social groups I game with don't RPG much. I plan for that session to be a complete adventure with the option to continue "next time".

  4. I'm usually in the same mindset as kelvingreen.

    For those who may be unaware of it, RavenFeast is one of my real life players. That is, when I get to see him.

    He's not kidding about RPGing once or twice a year. Things used to be far more regular but irregular gave way to rare and here we are. A pity too. His group is among the best gamers I have ever had the honor of GMing for.