Tuesday, August 1, 2017

RPGaDay Challenge 2017 - Day 1

Here we go gang! The opening salvo to the battle of the century...

Barking Alien vs The 2017 RPGaDay Challenge!

This is actually pretty easy to answer, as there is only one RPG currently being published that I am actually interested in playing, or running, and I am REALLY interested.

I have dozens of ideas for this game, many of which are interchangeable regardless of the campaign's overall premise. This is a good thing too, since I have a few different campaign concepts as well.

As noted in my previous post about the game, I would definitely change a few things, most notably the '80's that never was' elements. I would set my games in the '80s that most definitely was. The weirdness doesn't work for me if it enters a world that is already weird. That doesn't really fit the kids-on-bikes-save-the-world genre anyway.

Will I get to run this? Not anytime soon, which is unfortunate, but I am not upset. I really like the projects I'm currently working on, so I can afford to be patient.

With Stranger Things Season 2 coming in October of this year, who knows?

Barking Alien

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