Saturday, August 26, 2017

RPGaDay Challenge 2017 - Day 26

The day after my 40th Anniversary, and what a strange day it was.

Had a change in my life occur today, one that makes me sad, but which is probably for the best in the long run. 

Got some new furniture, nothing too fancy, but a few things that are starting to make my apartment really look like a normal Human being lives here. Haha! I have them all fooled...

It was National Dog Day, so I spent what free time I had playing with my best friend, my dog Delilah, and I gave an extra treats, cheese. Yeah, its not the best for them, but this was organic, farm fresh cheese and she loves it so why not. A little bit on a special day is alright I think.

Now on to today's question...


I take this to mean, 'Which RPG provides the most useful supplements, or sourcebooks'. Is that right?

The best supported game I've ever seen, or run was easily Star Wars, The Role Playing Game by West End Games.

The team that produced that game was absolutely brilliant in their approach to producing supplemental material for both the RPG, and the Star Wars universe as a whole. 

Many of their early books were basically stat and game mechanics translations of anything and everything you'd seen in the films.

Get the Star Wars: A New Hope Sourcebook (Galaxy Guide: 1) and get to know useful game information on everything from Jawas to the Death Star, and from the Dianoga to Biggs. Galaxy Guide 4 covered Alien Races, and had data on every space faring background bogey you could pause a VCR at. 

At the same time, adventure modules, and other supplements added tons of new material, and mythos to the setting that had never been seen before. Original droids, starships, aliens, and so much more were created exclusively for the RPG. 

The best part was that a new book, adventure, game, or something was coming out of WEG constantly. There was always a new resource to use, or at the very least be inspired by. 

For a good, related read of the subject, check out this article from Rolling Stone Magazine.

That's it for this one.

I've still got a bunch of posts coming up before month's end.

Barking Alien

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