Thursday, August 31, 2017

RPGaDay Challenge 2017 - Day 31

This is it people of Earth, the last of the RPGaDay Challenge questions for 2017!

Well...not really. It is that last of the questions on that big ol' question board, but there are some alternate questions provided by the gaming blog Casting Shadows that I am going to answer as Bonus Round questions.

Go Me!

Last things first however...


Tough one.


I am not really anticipating anything in particular industry-wise. 

I am curious to see how Modiphius handles the Star Trek Adventures line of course, and there are a few books announced by them that I may pick up and convert their useful ideas, and info to Last Unicorn's game. 

It would be nice if Fantasy Flight covered the new Star Wars films, but that mean having to get a dozen more books, since they seem to make a separate game for every Star Wars idea that comes out. The new, post-Return of the Jedi trilogy alone would require three new, completely distinct rulebooks if you go by FFG's logic. (Have I said FU to FFG here before? No? Well FU FFG.).

I wouldn't mind checking out the upcoming new edition of Villains & Vigilantes, mainly because of nostalgia. That should be out soon though I would think (before the new year).

I have my eye on Japan's Wares Blade Reboot project, but current information seems to suggest that a new RPG is low on the list of their priorities. Rather, they want to use the property to make an Anime, Light Novels, and possibly Manga. A new RPG is probably a bit more complicated give the original publisher may not have an interest in that right now. I will hope for the best, and keep you all posted.

So...anticipated, let alone most anticipated, isn't a phrase I would use I the moment. 

From my own gaming things are different...

I am hoping to continue, and maybe even expand my My Hero Academia: American Ultra game. It's working really well, and having other players/PCs drop by on the main three every once in a while would be really cool. 

I figure we will continue on with our Wednesday night Google Hangouts Kapow! Superhero RPG, with occasional breaks to try out other things (we did that a few times this year, and I really enjoyed some of them. Just taking a break every one in a while is nice.).

My Friday night group is going to go through a change, as one of the players is moving out of New York (Take care Erick! Good luck my friend!). We will likely continue on with our Hogwarts/Wizarding World game, and I aim to give Ars Magica a good run, though definitely a finite one. Long, ongoing games are not as effective with this particular group as are short, concise ones. 

Ooh, Tales from the Loop! I totally need to run Tales from the Loop at some point.

Beyond that, who knows?

There are games I am itching to get back to after having not played them in a while, such as the aforementioned Star Trek (LUG), Star Wars (WEG), and Wares Blade (Hobby Japan).

What about you? Do you know any games you think are worth watching out for? Let me know! Please! I'm always up for being impressed by a new game. 

Well, that about does it. I sometimes rib these questions, and I do honestly think they could sometimes be better, but I must also thank RPG Brigade for making them each year. The Challenge as a whole is fun, and it always gets me posting right after my usually dreadful summers (dreadful business and posting wise).

Thanks RPG Brigade, and The RPGaDay Challenge!

See you here next year,

Barking Alien


  1. V&V3 PDF is out today - I did the kickstarter and I'm curious to know what you think of it.