Tuesday, July 5, 2022

RPGaDay 2022 - Nine and Forty-Five

August is a month away and you know what that means don't you? You don't? Oh. My bad. Totally my fault so I absolutely get it.

I've been making a really big deal about this year being my 45th Anniversary in the TRPG hobby and yet I've done jack to really make it special. My repeated intention of doing more posts and posts of a more meaningful nature has yet to be effectively expressed.

I am experiencing a sort of sidelong burnout. I don't lack ideas or the desire to talk about them but for some reason I can't get excited enough or motivated enough to bring my ideas to 'print'. I have thoughts. I want to blog about them. And then...I don't. I get tired from work, frustrated by my own perfectionism, and quickly lose interest in the subject at hand in favor of another, usually unrelated, subject. 

So what's an RPG Blogger to do? Well...it is August and every August we have...

The RPGaDay Challenge!

...to look forward to. Now in it's 9th year, the RPGaDay Challenge is a thing I enjoy doing, though I completely admit to sometimes doing it almost ironically. I often have a snarky, almost mocking attitude towards the questions as they seem, IMHO, to vary between too vague and too specific. This makes them hard to answer as written.

Take this years list posted above. Prompt #12, 'Why did you start RPing?' is a great question and one I'd be very interested in both reading from others and writing an answer to. Questions 22 through 27 don't warrant separate posts; why ask multiple inquires on a single character over the course of six days? It's RPGaDay but one could easy make those six into one post. Number 31, the last of them, can be responded to with a single line with a date. How is that a blog post, let alone what some participants do such as a podcast episode or a YouTube video?

Regardless of the quirky nature of the RPGaDay (and this year doesn't disappoint on quirkiness), I am going to have at it as a way to get my motor up and running. Hopefully it will be interspersed with some other posts I've wanted to get to.

We shall see.

Barking Alien