Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Always Thinking

It has come to my attention that I may well be quite mad.

Now I don't mean mad hatter mad,

though that wouldn't be bad as mad goes.
And certainly I'm not mad as in angry,

as I try to stay calm goodness knows.
I'm mad as in foolish, for though not overly rulish,

I just don't go with the flow.
I'm creatively touched, think overly much,

my mind in constant flux and it shows.

This odd poem (if you would be kind enough to call it such) came to me after I read and commented on Jeff Rients' lastest game blog post.

My problem is that everything is always on the tip of my brain. Everything. Coming to a decision on what to run is quite the process for me as every few minutes a new and more exciting game idea pops into my noggin that has little or nothing to do with the one that popped in there just moments ago.

But...I think I'm coming close to a reckoning, an epiphany if you will...a new game for the new year. And its gonna be wild...

Stay Tuned.

Barking Alien

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