Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Backing Up The Bandwagon

I noticed that most of the other bloggers who partook in this particular excercise included video games and board games as well as RPGs. When I approached this list of 15 games that jump immediately into mind without thinking about it too much, none of them fit into those categories.

I'm a tried and true RPG fan and while I've played and enjoyed other types of games, they have less of an impact or influence on what I do now than one would think. If I did consider it a bit more I could add the following games as influences off the top of my head...

World of Warcraft
Phantasy Star (series)
Final Fantasy (series)
Missile Command (old Atari)
Defender (Arcade)
Virtual-On (Sega Arcade and Console)

The thing is, I don't really play any board games anymore and I rarely play computer games. Both just take time away from things I'd rather be doing live playing RPGs, working on RPGs, reading books, reading comics, watching Anime or drawing. We pick and choose our entertainment based on how much enjoyment it brings us and thus how much impact it has on us. And isn't that the point of the excerise?

Barking Alien

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  1. I did include board games but only those I felt were related to rpgs in some way. And I still haven't come up with 15.