Thursday, July 14, 2011

The New Champions - Three Ring Circus

My Champions campaign, which at present still consists of only three players (other than myself), is feeling more like three solo campaigns being run at the same time.

After the first three sessions, none of the
Player Characters have actually interacted with each other. Granted, all three players haven't always been sitting at my table at the same time but even when they have their individual goals and viewpoints have worked to keep them separated.

I find it fascinating, very different from what I expected and intended and not wholly sure what to do about it, if anything. Right from the start this hasn't been my typical 'Modernized Silver Age' campaign and while I like that it also presents certain logistical problems. If any of the subplots linked to major threats pan out, we could see a lot of death and destruction before one or more of the PC's mobilize to stop it.

At present, Night Knight is still tracking down the Chinese organized crime organization led by his arch-enemy, The Black Tiger. Black Tiger seems to have allied himself with diabolical mystic Dr. Yin Wu. Luckily, an item of great power once in Wu's possession, The Jade Triangle, is now safely tucked away in the UNTIL base the heroes are currently using as a headquarters.

While attempting to prevent thefts and gang violence by Black Tiger's men, Night Knight learned that another Chinese supervillain, political dissident and martial arts master Green Dragon was likely to attempt to assassinate a visiting Chinese dignitary. As it turned out, Night Knight had failed to stop Green Dragon on two past occasions when the latter attempted to steal a scroll hidden among the crates of an illegal drug shipment and when Green Dragon broke into a museum and snagged a small dragon statue made of jade and mother of pearl.

Luckily, Night Knight was on hand to thwart the assassination. A good thing too, as the mystic nature of the scroll and the statue gave Green Dragon the power to enact a very brutal form of vengeance on the dignitary who Green Dragon claimed had caused much pain and death to his family. The power was a Dim Mok, martial death touch, that would have killed everyone in the victim's bloodline. Yep. Bloodline. Kill the dignitary and his parents, kids and all other living blood relatives go with him. Night Knight saved the day in more ways then he realized.

His pursuit of Black Tiger, Dr. Yin Wu and their plans continues...

Marcus, aka 'The Power', has jumped from one super crime to the next doing all he can to aid his fellow heroes with the sudden, building resurgence of supervillain activity. One of the biggest plots he's become involved in is the possible resurrection of the ridiculously dangerous and powerful fallen angel known as Dark Seraph*. In a somewhat Voldemort like fashion, Dark Seraph placed bits of his essence in various items across the globe. When certain items are touched, the person who made contact becomes possessed and seeks out the other items. When all are gathered together Dark Seraph will be drawn back to this plane of existence from the other dimensional prison that currently holds him.

With the help of heroes both street level and supernatural, The Power seems to have locked down at least two items and located the possible position of three others. There appear to be six all together.

As noted earlier, The Power has taken time out from this investigation to check out a Chemical Plant accident that was certainly no accident and battled an upgraded armored villain at the
Holland Tunnel.


'J', now more properly known as Syphon Zero, is becoming the least traditional character just as he's becoming the deepest and most layered.

At this point in the story, Syphon Zero's dedication to his own personal agenda of stopping villains in any way possible and protecting those connected to his origin (whom he feels an almost familial relationship toward) has gotten him into some seriously hot water.

A series of events lead him to free Primal, a young boy who was genetically engineered by the unscrupulous Doctor Helix, run afoul of PRIMUS and generally turn himself, Primal and Intergal (also created by Dr. Helix) into wanted criminals.

After a chase across (and under thanks to the power of Tunneling) Southern California, Zero realized he and more importantly his self-appointed charges, were never going to make it past PRIMUS' numerous search parties. Calling in an old favor, Zero reconnects with the commanding officer of the top secret army special ops unit he served with overseas. This man, Colonel Malcolm White, aka Colonel Wight, is now in charge of Project: Revenant, of which Zero was the inspiration.

Happy to have Zero back, Colonel Wight introduces him to the rest of the team. Zero, uncharacteristically humble and disciplined in Wight's presence, tells the Colonel everything that's been going on. All agree that the priority mission is to find Dr. Helix, preferably before PRIMUS does.

Yes, it's clandestine U.S. black ops group vs. clandestine U.S. black ops group ladies and gentlemen! Place your bets!


I wonder what will happen next?

Barking Alien

*Our version of Dark Seraph resembles the version from Champions canon but is also very different. He is much, much scarier here.

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