Sunday, December 11, 2022

New Game, Who Dis?

Between venting in my last post and time spent in conversation with numerous gamer friends, I feel like I am starting to come out of my RPG rut. In fact, I feel a new campaign coming on and I am really excited about it. Being excited about it is key. Excitement and joy is what's been missing.

How do I know when I really have something special? I go from a drip, a sense of possibility, which turns into a trickle of ideas, followed by the floodgates opens, and the next thing you know I'm assembling two of every animal and shopping for an ark. 

My current obsessi...I mean campaign concept...came about when I stopped trying to find one. I simply relaxed, thought about the discussions I'd had recently, and let inspiration come to me. I revisited some previous ideas, just sort of going over unused thoughts from the past. I found one and it lead me to creating an all new version that was even better than what I started with.

My new campaign is partly inspired by...

You might call it...Appendix P?

As with several of my previous projects [that turned out well], the initial game premise I came up with took me down a rabbit hole of notions and options I didn't see at first. Once everything clicked into place, I had what I call a 'Gaming Epiphany'. I saw the campaign, what it was about, how to run it, etc.

This solves the problem of what to do next with my Mid-Week Group. I haven't had the same luck with ideas for my bi-weekly Friday and Sunday Groups. Those are going to require a bit more thought and time. 

The good news of course is that I am feeling that spark again, working on this new game is making me happy, and with that I'm sure an answer to the puzzle of my will reveal itself. In the meantime, stay tuned for discussion of this project and more.

Until next time,

Barking Alien


  1. Did you get in on the Troubleshooters Kickstarter? I did, if you didn't.

    1. Oh I did indeed.

      What I am planning is partially inspired by it and I intend to use some of its ideas and mechanics in one of my Frankenstein system kitbashes.