Thursday, August 14, 2014

RPGaDay Challenge - Day 13

Day 13 - Most Memorable Character Death

Since I have had very few player characters over the years, my most memorable character death is probably my first one.

My very first character, a Holmes Basic D&D Halfling named Gobo Pepperthorn, leapt in front of his ally (another PC) to prevent him from being killed by a dragon's fiery breath.

As I recall, Gobo and the rest of the party had been separated by some sort of trap, and Gobo found his way to a hidden chamber he hoped would lead him back to his friends. Instead, it lead him first to a room from which he overheard the campaign's main villain talking to a subordinate.

The villain explained that the Elf in our party was actually the heir to the Elven Throne. The Elves, long king-less, were too disorganized to mount an effective attack or defense against the evil cleric and his undead armies.

Escaping notice, Gobo finally entered the Eastern door of a large chamber. Walking West to East, and now in the center of the room, were Gobo's companions who had entered the same chamber through its Western door. There in front of him, though still a jog away, was the Elf (no idea what his name was) and Ward the Cleric (I think it was Ward. The Player's name was Paul. That I remember). Gobo turned towards the North wall and saw a crimson, serpentine shape, striking forth like a cobra. A red dragon!

With no thought to his own safety, Gobo ran forward and leapt into the air, getting between the dragon's breath of fire, and his Elven friend. I hoped that my cloak, which gave me Protection +1 and Fire Resistance, might help me survive. No such luck.

So bold and heroic were my actions, according to the GM and other players, that I was allowed a short death speech. I was able to tell the Elf the truth of his lineage and get the Cleric to promise to fulfill my quest to find my father.

And that ends the tale that ended my first character ever in an RPG.

I was kind of bored of him anyway.

Barking Alien

Just realized I've told this story before. :P


  1. The Tale of the death of Gobo Roasted Pepperthorn.

  2. Replies
    1. With the truth of his heritage revealed, the Elf and the Cleric escaped the dragon by tricking it [somehow] and traveled to the Elven Kingdom. Once his lineage was confirmed by his homeland, they crowned him King.

      Now King of the Elves, he decreed that his people were to be allies of the Humans and that the Cleric character was there as the Human Kingdom's representative (not totally true but...).

      He sent a garrison of Elf Warrior-Wizards to the edge of the Evil Lands while He, the Cleric, and another character (my new character? I forget) traveled to the Human Kingdom to make the alliance official.

      I do remember we convinced the Human King to join with the Elves but I don't think the game had an actual, fully realized ending.

      We were 8 years old and didn't have much control over our time. lol

  3. That's really cool. I started at 11 with Holmes and our games were nowhere near that cool. Just dungeon bashing. Don't get me wrong, it was fun but not kingdom shaking fun.