Sunday, August 31, 2014

RPGaDay Challenge - The Making Of The Series

This month, in addition to marking my 37th year in the hobby, needs to be acknowledged for being the first one in a long while in which I beat 12 posts in 30 to 31 days. In fact, I more than doubled that.

How you may ask? OK. Go ahead. Ask. OK, cool, you really want to know? Awesome!

I'm going to get some rest, but Barkley is here to fill you in on...

The Secrets of the RPGaDay Blogfest Challenge -
The Making of The Series

"Hello all! Barkley here with a special behind-the-scenes look at how we made this series work.

Pills. Mostly pills.

NO! Kidding! I am so kidding. Heheh.

No, Adam did do a few things to get himself to complete this challenge, and since he is sleeping it off, and preparing for a few other projects, I am going to fill you in. Won't this be great? You and I hardly get to talk anymore.

These are the notes Adam left for me. I'll print them just as he wrote them."

#1. In Advance of The Landing

I did a lot of these posts days in advance of when they were to be released (Including this one). Because some of them were easier to answer than others, and easier to answer in shorter posts, I did several drafts at a time, when I had the time. I would then log on to my account via my phone and just hit publish. Easy as pie. Mmmm. Pie.

#2. Out of Order!

I didn't do all of the drafts for these posts in order. I jumped around a bit as to answer the questions when they were fresh in my mine. For example, if I looked at the list of questions, and while answering the one for Day 14 or 15, an idea for the Day 18 post hit me, I would do #18 right then and there.

#3. I Don't Play Around

Not having much player experience in comparison to Gamemastering experience meant there wasn't a ton of moments to choose from when the question was of the 'played' variety. In some of the question, the term played was used and, as such, I focused my answers to those from a player perspective. If the question specifically noted GMing, or didn't specify things one way or the other, I went with whatever my gut feeling was. In many cases, that was still from a player perspective to maintain consistency.

#4. Too Much Time on My Hands

These past two weeks have been very slow business wise. Coupled with a very bad bout of insomnia, I have had a lot of time to write. Congratulations would be in order if this didn't royally suck. Still, it enabled me to get the job done.

"So that's about the size of things. Hope you all enjoyed this bit of Summer fun. Adam did, I assure you. He promises to try his best to at least do better than a dozen posts a month going forward. I will do my best to assist, which should help, as I am extraordinary.

Oh yes, also, there was also this little thing that happened."

Barkley, I just woke up, and saw this! Wow! Woot and Hoody Hoo! I am so pleased, humbled, pumped, and thankful. Really appreciate the kind words Charles.

OK, September, whattaya got for me! Put'em up, put'em up!

-Adam & Barkley

Barking Alien


  1. Hey congrats! I always knew your blog was worth reading and it's good to see others are waking up to the barking!

  2. Thank you so much Keith. Gee, I hope the barking isn't keeping up the neighbors. :p

    Come on back to the blog anytime you like Keith. You are always welcome.

    Love ya man. Say hi to the family.