Thursday, November 5, 2009


As with many of the aspects of this hobby that pertain to my specific experience, I consider my group(s) atypical. It was a recent post on one of my new favorite gameblogs that got me thinking about how unusual my group make ups may seem to most other GMs and players.

While possessing nowhere near as unique a niche as described in the linked post above, I have found my RPG campaigns to skew the demographic most of the game industry likely accepts as normal.

My regular New York City group that meets at the Compleat Strategist is the closest group I've ever had to typical. Running a different game every Saturday the group consists of 5-12 male players, ranging in age from 23 (I believe) to 42. The majority of the group is African American (more then 50%), with the remainder a mix of Hispanic and Caucasian of various backgrounds (German, Italian, Irish, etc.). We did have a few female players at one time or another but I rarely see them these days (and our good friend Jackie moved away. We miss you Jackie!).

My second group, which plays once or twice a month, often on Sundays, consists of only three players so far. One is a Hispanic male, age 40, one is an African American male age 33-35 (I think, I forget exactly) and an African American female, age 22.

My third group, also meeting once a month on a Sunday or odd Saturday, consists of members from the previous groups and results in all being male, all being African American and all in their 30s.

Last but not least, once a month (albeit somewhat erratically) I get to play with members of my old group which consists of some of the people I've been playing with the longest. That group has dwindled over time due to distance and personal developments (marriage, kids, etc.) to four people. One is an African American male, in his mid-to-late 30s, one is an African American female in her early 40s, another is a Caucasian female in her early 40s and the last is a Caucasian male in his early 40s.

Sadly I find myself missing one of my all time best players, my ex-wife. Female, mid 30s, Chinese American. Luckily we are still friends and do talk gaming from time to time.

Finally there's me. I am 40 now (sigh), male and a Caucasian of Russian descent.

At the risk of sounding somewhat contrary to what I hope to mean, its been great having women at the table. The voice of a female player added to the mix is the same as any other player and yet its not. Its unique. Its special. So is that of a young Burmese male. So is that of an older RPG veteran at Gen Con. Each and every presence at my game is like no other presence and therefore awesome to behold.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

Barking Alien

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