Monday, August 9, 2010

Leaping Tall Buildings

Yeah, I know I said I'd have a new post up Sunday not yesterday...but the new job is keeping me quite busy. Its also pretty awesome so far. I play with dogs all day (among other things) so I feel fairly lucky as professions go.

I'm still working on my upcoming DC Adventures game but I'm already running into some minor snags and did a little test run Saturday. Good but far from perfect. Its also really weird to note that my group consists of avid comic book, movie, TV and animation geeks who, quite frankly, are not that familiar with DC comics.

I feel like I may run into a similar situation here that I encountered running Star Trek. My new group is less diverse than my old one and if one member is not overly familiar with a subject its a good bet that the lot of them aren't either (to varying degrees).

Its not that the old group was really any more familiar with my favorites necessarily but they adapted to new things more easily. Also, since they were pretty diverse and older, the chance that at least one or two of them would be knowledgeable on a given subject, genre or universe was vastly better.

The bottom line is I really want to run this DC Adventures campaign and I'll just have to find people who want to be in it. I hope that the group I have in mind is really up for it but if not I'll find other people. I can't stop coming up with ideas for this thing and I refuse to let these adventure concept go to waste.

Up, Up and Away,

Barking Alien


  1. If your group isn't that familiar with the DC universe, but still want to play a superhero game, doesn't that take the stress off you as GM? No rivet counting or nit-picking over whether GL is pre or post the Infinite Earths collapse-a-thon, etc. You can kick back and say "I want to run a 4 colour superhero game with PG violence and here's this cool story I would like you to join me in telling."

    Works for me, and if I was on the same continent, I'd love to play, too!

  2. Its a catch-22 to be sure Kobold. On the one hand it does avoid the nit-picking but it also kills the wow factor when you do an unusual take on a guy and no one knows anything about the default take on the character.