Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Up In The Air

As of this moment, this very moment right here, I have no idea what I am running this Saturday.

My girlfriend is unavailable to hang out with in the evening as her parents are visiting from out of town (out of the country to be more precise), so I have the option of running a looong session for the first time in almost two months. Can't wait. Um...can't wait to figure out what it'll be a session of.

Let's Vote!

Should I run...Fantasy, Science-Fiction or Superheroes?

Which should I do? What would be my personal choice? What will my players prefer? OMG! The suspense is killing me.

Barking Alien

PS: It has been brought to my attention by some in the blogosphere (you know, the zenith of all cultural, social and philosophical understanding) that I may well be a nerd who occasionally vents my feelings about things.

Wow. I did not know this. My life is enriched by this revelation. Thank you for this gift of enlightenment.

So...on to why I despise licorice...


  1. See:

    My vote: a box of toys fighting off a hoard of 3" tall aliens invading a child's bedroom. The problem is: neither side wants to wake the child, as they are both powered by the child's dreams.

    "Cherry" licorice is fine. Everything else is just the repackaging of failed bungee cords knowingly mislabeled as candy.

  2. How about a science fiction with superheros thrown in?

    Happy Gaming, whatever you decide.

  3. @Ravenfeast - OMG! Dude, you are a genius! And you have a fantastic, although very likely accidental, memory.

    Didn't I promise/threaten to run 'The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men' for you guys this Xmas?

    @Whisk - Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and had it signed by the band.

    Still, I would do it again it a heartbeat.

    Thanks HW!

  4. "... I may well be a nerd who occasionally vents my feelings about things."

    Damn glad this whole internet thing is working out for you.