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The D&D Thirty Day Challenge in Thirty Minutes!

I discovered this on The Old Dragoon's Blog:

To get back into the swing of posting, I thought I would be fun to waste valuably time, and energy, answering all 30 Questions in 30 Minutes! Just Because!

Disclaimer: I am not a D&D fan. While I have played, and run it many, many times over the last 38 years, it is not a game I particularly like, or enjoy. That said...


1) Like this.

2) Don't really have one in D&D per se, but I've always gravitated to playing Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings.

In my own D&D-But-Not universe (IMOD&DU) I think it's the Elves.

3) I hate Classes. If I had to pick one...Cleric maybe.

IMOD&DU, probably the Cleric, Sorceror, or Ranger (all quite different from their standard D&D counterparts).

4) Mine.

5) My favorite die is the standard, everyday 6. After that, the versatile 10.

6) This is tough. I love many mythologies. I'd have to say the Norse, and Egyptian pantheons are among my favorites.

In D&D all the gods & goddesses suck. They are so mortal in their lack of divine-ness.

IMOD&DU, possibly Thor, Hercules, or Arigon, The Patron Saint of Dragon Slayers (unique - former PC).

7) Gah. My least hated edition is probably either 5th, or 3rd.

Again, my own version is my preference.

8) My favorite of my own D&D PCs was likely Redsand Thickstone, Heir to one of the Dwarven Thrones of Throal, The Tri-Throned City.

9) I do not understand this question. How could it be a favorite if I haven't played it yet?

10) This would be far to long an entry to place here. It could be it's own post. Rain check on this one.

11) Favorite Adventure or Module? I've run hundreds of D&D adventures, but I've only run from modules maybe a twenty times (and on every one of those occasions I've modified the modules considerably).

It's very hard to pick a favorite. The time travel adventure I ran with my ex-wife was pretty amazing (it made her cry), and the one where the PCs have to defend an extra-dimensional ally of theirs in a court of his brethren really stand out.

My favorite module I've run would be Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

12) I don't have a favorite Dungeon location, or type. I'm not even sure how type is defined. I don't tend to like Dungeons in Fantasy settings.

13) Oh so many. I have a think with a circular tower, and a moving floor, and the rooms spin slowly you see, with the floor being slightly askew, would take too long to explain.

14) Almost all of my best NPCs IMOD&DU are former PCs. That said, Pete Hernandez's Ipperius Witspear tops them all. He runs Witspear's Wondrous Wizardry Emporium, a shop that sells material components for magic spells, as well as a variety of other magical paraphernalia. He can also be contracted to identify magical items, profile intelligence on famous Mages, and their spells, and is well acquainted with arcane history, and general knowledge.

He appears to be an 'older', very pale Elven male, with a bumbling, foppish persona. He is of course, not quite what he appears to be.

15) In regular D&D...none. Never liked D&D undead. Wait, there is one I like. The Eye of Fear and Flame. Great name.

IMOD&DU there are so many, it's impossible to choose a favorite.

16) Really? Gelatinous Cube I guess.

17) In D&D? Do these matter in D&D? I mean, my favorite animal in real life is the dog, but I've never formed an opinion about D&D animals worth noting.

18) None come to mind. Really, I don't think I've played enough regular D&D to get that into these minor categories.

19) I like Golems, or at least the idea of Golems. Homunculi are also cool, conceptually.

20) I don't know why, but I've always liked Gnolls.

D&D giants (or as we used to call them, 'Very Bigs'), and fey bore me. They are really the least interesting creatures in the game when they should be awesome.

IMOD&DU, gosh, there are sooo many to choose from. Can't pick a favorite.

21) Ugh. Another area where D&D forever disappoints. D&D's video game boss dragons don't interest me at all.

22) The Bulette. It's adorable.

23) The Orc. Damn I dislike Orcs.

24) Hmmm. Not sure. Don't know if I have a favorite. Maybe Prismatic Spray. That one is fun.

25) The Might Servant of Leuk-O, or The Machine of Lum, The Mad. Giant robots in D&D are cool.

26) Um...a rock?

27) How does on have a favorite curse, or cursed thing? I sure don't.

28) What does this mean? Why would someone swear off playing a character they themselves create? D&D-isms confuse me.

29) 12. I despise the D20.

30) My best playing/DMing experience with D&D? Well first, it would definitely be DMing. I can count the number of times I've played D&D that I'd qualify as 'good' on one hand, and I'd have digits to spare.

It would either be the first campaign I ever ran in my D&D-But-Not setting, or the first of those that I ran with my ex-wife (same setting/milieu).

Well, that's that. Took me just over thirty minutes. Not bad. Getting back in groove! Looking forward to seeing what I talk about next. The anticipation is killing me!

Barking Alien

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