Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Christmas In October

As I noted in my previous post, generating material for the October theme of the monstrous, morbid, and macabre has proven quite difficult for me, as I'm just not in the Halloween spirit. This is largely because I can't control where my thoughts go sometimes, and recently they haven't been going toward the type of things associated with the season.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this isn't completely my fault, consciously, or subconsciously. I mean come on! This October has been full of creative inspiration of a non-Halloween kind!

We've now seen four episodes of the new Muppets TV series from ABC in total, and I must say, the latter three are BIG improvements over the first episode. Episodes 2, and 4, stand out as exactly what I was hoping for.

The Flash's new season has begun, and while I wasn't feeling the first episode there either, the second one was better, and I'm really excited to see where this season goes. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Jay Garrick, the Golden Age/Earth-2 Flash, has appeared on the show? No? Oh, because JAY *FREAKING* GARRICK mofos! The Golden Age Flash as a character on a live action television series. Be still my pounding heart.

Yesterday, a movie trailer dropped for an upcoming film that you just might have heard a little something about. It's a sequel to a trilogy of films for the late 70's, and early 80's. Clues aren't helping? Well that's a darn shame.

OK, it's...

I've mentioned before that I didn't have high hopes for this movie after the dreadful prequels, and the reveal that J.J. 'Lens Flare' Abrams was going to be the man in charge, but damn if this doesn't look good. Plus, John Boyega plays the lead character of Finn in the film, and he was the lead in one of my all time favorite movies, Attack The Block. I am so stoked.
How stoked? Well, enough to use the word 'stoked' for one thing. That's not what you want to hear though is it? No. You want the creative angst, the soul-wrenching plea for an outlet to my pent up gaming frustrations. You people make me sick.
Fine! Fine! Yes! I want to run a Star Wars campaign. Preferably, I'd like to see the movie first, and run something set in the era of The Force Awakens if I find I like the setting.
Alternatively, yeah, I'm in the mood to run Supers again damn it. It's like this hidden itch that comes back again, and again regardless of the powder you...use...use to get...um. Never mind that last analogy. It's not important.
So why haven't you seen any Halloween stuff from me this October? Because October is been FULL OF AWESOME! None of it however, has anything to do with Halloween.
Barking Alien

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  1. If you don't mind me saying this, it looks to me that you put far too much importance on thematic months and such, often leading to frustration. Ignore them! Just write about whatever is in your mind right now. It is always great stuff. Don't plan, don't save things for next year. Follow your instincts ;)