Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Temporary Loss of My Superpowers

This month was supposed to be dedicated to Superheroes.

I've just been so busy. That, and...I've lost a little of my enthusiasm honestly.

It's not as if there isn't a lot to discuss. Oh, no siree Bob. There is a veritable plethora of Superhero material out there these days to inspire a Superhero campaign.

Yet now, I just can't get into what the genre has become in the mainstream, which seems to be the primary exposure gamers I'm meeting have had. Television is doing a decent job, movies are a mixed bag of fantastic, and terrible, but comics...sigh...the next generation just aren't into comics they way my friends, and I were back in the day, and if they are it's not the same kind of comics.

There are some good books, though they are few, and far between, and nothing, but nothing is putting the fire in my heart that I had for them in my youth. Hell, that I had pre-DC's Flashpoint, and New52 crap. That wasn't that long ago. Maybe 5 years or so?

I just finished watching Jessica Jones. Boy, oh boy, am I depressed.

Whatever. The magic is gone. At least for the time being.

Besides, it's not like I'll be running any Supers campaigns anytime soon. While one group loves Superheroes, but not long term games, the other likes long term games, but doesn't get the kind of Supers I like. The end result is that there just isn't enough juice to get the Superhero fan in me excited enough to talk about Superheroes this month.

Next month is Science Fiction, and Science Fantasy.

Hopefully, I'll be recharged, and ready by then.

Barking Alien


  1. I feel your pain.

    I'm so underwhelmed right now by what's available in terms of comic books it isn't funny. I'm hoping the new main Avengers title with Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel feels like an old-school supers team instead of the cosmic crap that the Avengers turned into the last few years. Right now, Spider-Man seems to be my only refuge: a funny title with some tight storytelling.

    DC is basically lost to me. Justice League as New Gods? Right, because Marvel did Cosmic Powered Avengers two years, ago, DC has to catch up. I'm not a huge Bat-guy because after a while it all starts feeling the same, and I like team books besides.

    And then there's supers gaming...

    1. I feel exactly the same, and I LIKE the cosmic stuff!

      As with your feelings on Batman though, it all starts to feel the same after a while.

  2. Some thoughts in no particular order:

    I, too, feel your pain. I lost interest in Marvel during the late 1980s and 1990s, between the excesses of the various X-titles (pun intended). DC, on the other hand, told some really excellent stories pre-52, even if half of them were Elseworld Imprints.

    I haven't bothered with Jessica Jones or Daredevil; I just don't have any interest in comic book rape survival or street level vigilantism in fetish gear, respectively. I'm also one of the few who seem to prefer Tim Buton's take on Batman over Nolan's (with all due respect to the late Heath Ledger, whose Joker was a fascinating psychopath and domestic terrorist - but comic book villain not so much).

    As much as the MCU is delivering the goods, I think that the CW's DC-themed shows and Supergirl on CBS (another CW show in everything but network affiliation) are nailing the Bronze Age fun without the baggage. I'm really excited about Legends of Tomorrow, too.

    I wish we were geographically closer together. I'm actually feeling the gaming itch for supers, and would love to dust off my copy of Blood of Heroes/MEGS/DC Heroes and get a full-on campaign going.

    1. The feelings are mutual Irish, although from one fan of happier heroes to another, I can't help but recommend the Netflix Daredevil series. I am not particularly a Daredevil fan, nor do I have much interest in street level, gritty heroes, yet I can not deny that this series was a very high quality action/drama.

      It might not be my thing, but well done is well done.