Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Satisfy My Soul

I am in the process of re-organizing my gaming schedule.

To be more precise, I am thinking of dropping one of my regular gaming days in order to free up more time to work on material for my remaining games and possibly add one new one that would occur less often. 

It goes like this...

I run a weekly game on a weekday evening.
I run a biweekly game every other Friday night. 
I play in a biweekly game every other Friday night I'm not running mine.
I run a monthly game the first Saturday of each month. 
I run a second monthly game one Sunday a month, the specific day of which changes. 

Of these games, the weekly one is the toughest for several reasons. First, it is during the week and though relatively short I still feel really tired the next day and that's no fun. Not so tired it effects my job or anything so serious, but I don't always feel completely rested as I move into the weekend. 

Another issue is that while I like that game and the players, it's not really keeping my interest. I am losing enthusiasm for it as it were. It's a Fantasy game and while I am occasionally (if rarely) in the mood for Fantasy, it's hard to stay in the mood. I get bored of Fantasy settings and stories very quickly, even when I really like them. 

Lastly*, and most unfairly to said weekly endeavor, I am so much more interested and excited about my other campaigns that I'd much rather be spending time working on them instead of the Fantasy one. The night I run the weekly game and the effort I put into doing research and creating stuff for it is beginning to feel like time I could've spent adding to my other projects. That's a lousy feeling because it mixes creative frustration with guilt. Never enjoyable. 

Now, once this game ends, which incidentally should be soon, I could just run another one, something in a different genre, or perhaps someone else could run that night but I am feeling more and more like I could just take that night off and do other things. Of course by other things I mean prep and design material for other games. In fact, by not gaming that night I could free up enough time to devise...another monthly game.

One of my best buds just got a new job that frees up his weekends. While mine aren't totally free, they flexible during the Summer, so I could pick out one day a month and do another campaign with a floating day to be announced when we figure out who's free. 

Just some thoughts going through my head right now. The success of my FRONTIER campaign has really revitalized my love of gaming and Gamemastering, though a particular style - my style - that I am just not able to bring to all my tables at present. 

If I can do more me, why not do so?

Barking Alien

*My 'last' reason noted above is not really my last reason. There are other reasons the weekday game isn't doing it for me, some of which are hard to convey. Suffice to say I would much rather produce a new campaign similar to FRONTIER than continue or create one in the format of the aforementioned weekday sessions. They just aren't quite scratching the itch. 

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