Thursday, November 17, 2022

Powering Down For Now

Well, this is a embarrassing. It's also personally disappointing. Ugh.

Here it is the 17th of November, 2022, and Starvember is a bust. I've got nothing. That is to say, I can't bring myself to write anything. Even addressing my favorite subject, Science Fiction Tabletop RPGs, I find myself disinterested, bored with my own words. I can't drum up the enthusiasm I need to make this something special.

And therein lies the curse of this year. Blogging has been incredibly difficult for me throughout 2022 between the limitations of real life and the fact that my creative energy level is very low. I still have a great many ideas but none stand out; none are capturing my attention to the level I need them to in order for me to stick with them for any length of time.

I've got a lot to say but nothing to talk about. I have decided to go on hiatus with my gaming and won't be running or playing anything until next year. I have placed my Star Trek TOS campaign on hold and decided not to start anything new with my other groups. 

Barking Alien will largely be on Auxiliary Power from this point forward until [hopefully] the beginning of January. We're powering down all non-essential systems, venting the plasma from the manifolds, and changing the 'Welcome Travelers' hologram to read 'On Vacation'. 

Barkley and I will stop by occasionally to make sure everything is still functioning and we haven't taken damage from ion storms or rogue meteors. 

Happy Life Day Everybody,

Barking Alien


  1. It's been a rough few months on the blogging/gaming frontier for me, too. Best wishes!

  2. Come back when your engines are recharged. Happy holidays!

  3. You know I'll always be here, whether it is the blogosphere or otherwise. I'm considering a similar break myself just to not add on during the holidays.

  4. Take a rest, recharge your batteries.

    I was going great guns until COVID got me the other month and I'm now finding to hard to get back into blogging, thanks to the loss of momentum and the persistent brain-fog.

    I, too, am now looking at next year as a golden opportunity for a 'soft relaunch' of HeroPress and look forward to reading more of your tales from the table and words of wisdom.