Tuesday, November 1, 2022

If You Need Me, I'll Be in Space

Welcome to STARvember!

Doing a theme month often (though not always) gets me inspired to post more often than when I don't. It's been a while since I've done a really big one (unless you count RPGaDay as a theme - which I don't) and although October did have a Halloween vibe going, I thought I'd dedicate all the posts this November to my favorite genre - Science Fiction Space Adventure.

 You want cool spaceships? We got cool spaceships!

Let's face it, much of this year has been a bust. With the exception of one campaign I run and one campaign I play, I largely took a break from active Role-Play Gaming for the Summer in order to relax, recharge my batteries, and work on some new projects. 

You want adventure on extrasolar planets? We got adventure on extrasolar planets!

This renewed energy gives me the opportunity to do something on the blog I've wanted to do for sometime; I want to share some art, stories, ideas, and my general love for all things extraterrestrial and traveling at lightspeed. Comic Books may have been the thing that got me into RPGs but Science Fiction is why I stayed and why my love of it continues to expand. My first favorite TV show, the movie that changed my life (though that's really Science Fantasy), and the genre that continues to interest me the most remains Science Fiction.

You want strange but potentially dateable extraterrestrials?
We got strange but dateable extraterrestrials!

This month, please join Barkley and myself on a trip through the interstellar reaches of the inside of my head and Boldly Go Where The Force Welcomes You to the Galactic Frontier!

Wait...that's not how it...

Barking Alien

All Images made with the AI Art Generator Midjourney and some Photoshop fiddling by me

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