Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can I play too?

EXONAUTS! fun and fitting Random Space Finds is an excellent source of wacky things a spacefarer might encounter in the otherwise empty void. I thought I'd pitch in and see if I can't add to the

1. Meteor fragment with fossilized Tribble. Incredibly ancient.

2. Hovercycle with a single wheel as landing gear. A GravUniCycle.

3. A complete set of data cards containing every episode of the popular alien sitcom "Everyone Xnorts Grophnik."

4. Pistol like weapon of unknown origin that doesn't appear to have a way to load ammunition or connect to a power source. It also has no activation stud or trigger.

5. A parchment treasure map in an ancient alien language showing the components needed to locate the real treasure which is on Earth. Each component is on a different planet.

6. An Earth violin. Normal except the wood is from an exceptional rare tree on a planet many light years from Humanity's homeworld. The native species on the planet is deaf.

7. Battle ravaged giant robot that may be repairable. The cockpit, located in the chest, is only able to fit a slim humanoid the size of a child.

8. Three kegs of locally made Scout Brew. Make a saving throw each time you try to chug or be rendered unconscious for 1D6 days.

9. Blue-green, furry, animal skin rug found on the command deck of a derelict space station. Answers to the name of Zvin'Bor.

10.Dilapidated space cruiser, once painted white, with colorful markings and pictures on the cargo section. Inside the middle-rear section is a massive food dispenser/replicator that is only programmed to produce frozen, lactose based, sugary treats (although it can make hundreds of different kinds). Faint music like that from an old world circus or carnival can be heard playing throughout the vessel.

I've actually used 5 of these in games I've run. Can you guess which ones?

Barking Alien


  1. These are awesome and if I may say so--I feel like I need up my game! :D

    I'm not sure which ones you've used, but I have to guess 9 because I actually laughed out loud and it seems just waaaay too specific!

    /sorry for the multiple posts, my PC is sloooow at the moment.

  2. I'll reveal the answer soon. I'm hoping a few more people comment first.

    I'm really glad you liked these as your site is the obvious inspiration.

  3. Does #4 come in a Tnunctipun stasis box and smell vaguely of deep fried Kzinti?

    Awesome stuff.