Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank You New Jersey

No one who knows me well would ever believe I would be thanking New Jersey for anything. My general disdain for the foul scented place is well known. However, I always give credit where credit is due and although its more swamp-ridden and mosquito infested than any northern state has the right to be, I've got to give the ol' girl a hand.

Why? Because periodically I get to go there and play with member of my old gaming group who just straight up rock ass. Saturday we got to play another installment of our really cool Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters/InSpectres) game and it was just so much fun I am still jazzed from the experience.

Not only are these four of the funniest, smartest and downright feel-good-love-in-est people I've ever known but they also just play really well in the style I like the most. No one cares if their character is the toughest or most powerful. No one backpedals from a bad move by saying, "I never said I was over there actually looking into the room" or similar bullshit. Instead, they create characters, get into the character's personalities, develop character backgrounds as we play and get to know the characters like a TV show, Movie, Book or Comic and than explore the world and its challenges that I've created as GM. I mean, you can't believe how awesome that is, and how much I've been missing that lately.

I...I'm not tearing up. There's something in my eye. Back off ya pansies.

Anyway, its my sincerest hope that I not only get to play with this bunch again real soon but hopefully expand to gaming with them more often. I'd love to restart my Galaxy Quest game...Ooh or make a new full-on Faery's Tale Deluxe game...Yes! How about a Mekton game...yeah...

With New Jersey, the possibilities are endless.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

Barking Alien

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