Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Food-Comes-Out-Of-The-Wall-Day!

While researching Earth cultures in an attempt to better understand us (ok, he was doing an internet search for the favorite foods of various countries so he could program the replicator to produce a greater variety of meals), Ambassador Barkley came across the United States of America festival of food known as 'Thanksgivng'.

While he initially believed it to be and I quote, "A celebration of a bird so delicious it is only killed and eaten on special occasions", I tried to explain the true significance of the holiday. See, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of my family and I. While we are well aware of its less than stellar origins, we appreciate a single day a year where we can share a tradition of telling each other what we're thankful for and why.

This year, like many before it, I am especially thankful for my family (small group though it is), my friends (who are like family), my dog Delilah (who, let's face it, is my kid) and the health of body and mind to enjoy the presence of these people (and yes, Delilah is included as 'people'). I'm also thankful for gaming as even with its ups and downs, it allows me to release my creativity and keep my sanity.

Barkley looked at me thoughtfully for some length of time until he finally said, "So you cook the food in the box on that wall and than eat it while watching large, male humans chase each other and through a ball on a box on that wall."


"Yes", I said, "that's what we do."

He nodded in understanding and took a huge bite out of a turkey leg.

"Cool. I'm thankful you let me share this ritual with you."

Ya'know. I think he gets it.

Barking Alien


  1. Excellent post Adam, Hope you and the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All the best.

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Same to you Keith! My best to the Mrs. and the brood :)