Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spoiled Visually

A discussion with huth via the comments section of a recent post reminded me once again how lucky I am to have had the players I've encountered over the years. Specifically for the purposes of this post, how lucky I've been from a visuals stand point.

While some gaming groups are thankful to have that one guy or gal in their group that can draw the group's characters, I've had numerous professional artists in my groups for years and years. The end result is that the notebooks that contain our campaign notes are often covered with more concept art and character designs than a "Making of The Movie" style book.

Like most gamers who are 40something now, I played the majority of my games with friends in high school and college. I attended the High School of Art and Design, Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts. Therefore, for the better part of my gaming experiences, I've had 90% or more of my group be 'that one guy or gal" who could draw.

A quick shout out and heart felt thanks to some of the artists who have made my games look so damn badass over the years. I wish I could find you all and game with you again.

Aldrin "Buzz" Aw
Aris Iliopoulos 
Chris Batista
Chris Reyes
Keith Conroy
Kenichi Lowe
Lynn Morton
Pete Hernandez
Storn Cook

And some sample work, including my own (please don't boo) .

Barking Alien


  1. Very nice stuff. Care to mention which pieces are yours?

  2. In the above image, the superheroically colored mecha on the bottom left is the only illustration by yours truly.

  3. And you did do some very nice pieces for Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road.

  4. Heh, thanks D.W. (Why do I suddenly feel like Launchpad McQuack?).

    I wish my work for AiO was as good as the images for it that I see in my head. That happens a lot and to be perfectly honest, I'm not certain all of those image would perfectly fit the game book as published.

    One of these days when I get the chance to revisit running an Oz campaign maybe I'll do some new work and post it up.

    Its too bad we don't have infinite time and money to be able to run everything we want to isn't it.