Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Getting My Bearings

A little status update before I talk about something more substantial.

Campaigns I Have Known remains one of my more popular series of posts, and I couldn't be happier. It gets a large number of views each time, and while it doesn't get a ton of comments, the ones I receive are complimentary, and really make me feel good about the endeavor.

If anyone has a game they'd like me to cover I'm open to suggestions. For the rest of this month I'm going to try to cover games that are atypical to what I usually address (Sci-Fi and Supers), but in the months to come I will be returning to my faves.

I know what you're thinking (my species is telepathic), "How can we suggest games for Campaigns YOU Have Known? We don't know what you've played." This is true of course, but I've played a lot of games. No, no. A LOT of games. If you suggest a game, and I haven't run it I won't choose your suggestion. Easy peasy.

Thing is though, I've played so many games, over so much time, that sometimes it's hard to think of one in particular that others might find interesting. A suggestion might jar my memory, while simultaneously letting me know what my readership wants to read about.

My planned Player Profiles series has been delayed, but I do intend to follow through with it as it's something I've been wanting to do for some time. Celebrating the players who've made my time in the hobby so awesome is the least I can do for all the hours of fun they've given me.

I've only been able to post a one Thorough Thursday this month, which as the posts themselves are noted for saying, "That's just wrong". I hope to get to at least the next two before month's end. If not, there is always next month, and onward.

What Other GMs Do Wrong went over well this month, but again, I really only posted one entry on it. I've been GMing for the most part, and haven't really encountered a situation where another GMs approach triggered my need to critique a particular gaming pet peeve. This is a good thing. It means I'm playing with really good GMs (or that I'm getting soft in my old age. Frell that noise! I'll find something to get agitated about if it kills me. Heheh).

That's about the size of it right now.

In the upcoming Summer months of July and August, I intend to get back to some older projects, expand on the series above, and discuss some of the new projects I've started. Plus August 25th, 2016 is 39 years that I've been gaming!

Holy Hortas in Hard Vacuum! Do you realize what that means? Next year will be...40 years.

Good grief.

Barking Alien


  1. Whatever you post, we'll read.

    1. Yeeeeah. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but that's not what I need.

      I can't tell you how many times I've been through this scenario:

      Me: "So what do you guys wanna play next."

      Group: "Anything you want to run will be great! We love your games."

      Me: "Cool! How about Game X?"

      Player #1: "I'm not a big fan of Game X."
      Player #2: "I'm not familiar with that. What is it?"
      Player #3: "I'd love to play Game X if I can make a character that's totally unrelated with a goal that's more appropriate to Game A."

      Me: "Ok, fine. Then what would you guys prefer?"

      Group: "It doesn't matter. Anything you run will be great."

      Me: *Gurgling noise followed by slamming my head against a wall*

      Come on viewers! Have opinions, dammit!

  2. How about some of the Japanese fantasy that you'very run? It's a genre that, other than what I've read about here, I know nothing about.

    1. When you say Japanese Fantasy do you mean...

      Asian cultural/geographic setting, or a similar, fictitious facsimile with magic elements? Such as Legend of the Five Rings, Bushido, AD&D Oriental Adventures, etc.


      Japanese RPGs with a focus on Western style Fantasy seen through the eyes of Japanese fans, and games designers? Such as Record of the Lodoss War/Sword World, Blade of Arcana, Ryuutama, etc.

      Or something else?

    2. Any of the Japanese RPGs you've played.

  3. When I said "Japanese fantasy," I was thinking the more Asian, and the less western the better. I remember seeing Bushido in the stores, but never bought or played it (remember I couldn't even interest my group in Villains & Vigilantes). The others you mentioned I've only heard about here. I would love to hear about the one you remember most fondly.