Thursday, June 2, 2016

Theme A Little Theme Of Me

Theme Addict

I like the idea of themed months on my blog.

Giving myself a set of parameters, much like I would in a genre-heavy RPG campaign, helps me to focus my creativity. It inspires me, but also keeps me in check, so to speak. I can easily bounce all over the place subject wise. A theme, should all go as planned, helps wrangle the various thoughts into something that can be useful not just to me, but to my readers.

Thematic Stress Disorder

The problem is...

I invest a bit too much of myself in these silly projects. As a result, when things conspire to prevent me from completely a month's theme, I get really down. I get bummed and disappointed when I am unable to share all the ideas I might have rolling around in my skull. I also get disappointed in myself. I always feel like a failure. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

I get myself worked up. I put too much importance on the endeavor. I see this awesome, perfect product, and very often (especially lately) I either don't have the time to see it through, or I lose interest at some point. The end result is I feel like poo for promising, and not delivering.

All I Have To Do Is Theme

This month, I want to get myself back into the habit of posting again regularly. It's important to me. It's therapeutic. It helps me to post here so that I have no excuse for not posting for my business.

Unfortunately, I know myself too well. I need an additional motivator.

I need to fool myself into doing it.

I need to light a fire.

I need a theme...crap.


I've got an idea...

Actually, it's not one idea, not two, or even three...but FOUR!

That's right Barkers, it's four - four - four - four-ideas-in-one!

For a while now I've wanting to bring back some of my favorite reoccurring post ideas. Why not do that now? For the month of June, in addition to whatever else comes to mind, I'm going to revisit...

Campaigns I Have Known

Thorough Thursdays (Starting Next Week)

What Other GMs Do Wrong

and my newest entry,

Player Profiles, in which I pay tribute to some of the greatest gamers I've ever had the please to GM for.

Join me won't you? Oh, and wish me luck.

Remember, it's me.

(Fingers Crossed)

Barking Alien

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