Friday, July 29, 2016

Voyage of The Space Beagle

August is only three days away, and as many of you know, it's a big month for me.

On August 25th, I celebrate my gaming anniversary, which this year denotes 39 years of playing RPGs! 

Wow, right? 

"Eyes on the Stars"
Snoopy Astronaut Decal/Sticker
USA, 1968

I intend to devote much of my posting in August to Science Fiction related subjects including Campaigns I Have Known, Thorough Thursdays (with any luck), and general ideas and advice about Space Adventure gaming. 

I am also looking to follow up on some projects I've let slide, but would really like to get back to such as Aliens Dread, Star Wars Traveller, and perhaps a few surprises. No promises, but I'm going to try.

Sci-Fi/Space Gaming remains a subject I love intensely, but one which seems to baffle a lot of GMs, and players alike. From my own experiences to comments and posts on blogs, Facebook, and Google+, it seems to be an arena many people are either afraid to enter, or don't know what to do once they're there. I am hoping I can help with that a little bit.

August is also the month of Gen Con, and I am hoping that as a result of their attendance at the convention more information about Modiphius Entertainment's Star Trek Adventures RPG will become available (oh please, oh please, oh please). 

Finally, the highly anticipated computer game No Man's Sky is (with any luck) going to be released on August 9th. All I ask is one free Saturday to explore that universe.

Anyway, that's the plan.

If anyone has a Science Fiction related subject they'd like me to address, please feel free to message me on Google+ (Adam Dickstein), or mention it in the comments below. 

Prepping for the jump to hyperspace,

Barking Alien


  1. Like you, can't wait to hear more about Star Trek Adventures

  2. Why would Sci-Fi baffle a lot of GMs? One thing is saying they find Fantasy tropes are easier, which I may understand to some extent, but, in fact, most Sci-Fi is closer to 21st century way of life than any pseudo-medieval setting. And we do know 21st century well enough to set a game there, don't we?

    1. Why indeed Miguel? And yet it does seem to be the case based on my personal observations.

      I've posted in the past two RPG related blogs which, in the episodes where they focus on Sci-Fi gaming, don't have a lot to say about Sci-Fi gaming.

      Next, look at the number of blogs dedicated to Science Fiction Space Adventure gaming. They exist - there are more than a few - but no where near as many as there are for D&D and related Fantasy games.

      Then of course there are the number of games themselves. While there are perhaps more now then there have been in a very long time, Sci-Fi has historically been overshadowed by other genres.

      I'm not sure what it is about SF gaming that intimidates, or confuses a lot of people, but something about it makes it a bit harder for a lot of gamers to...well...grok.