Saturday, July 22, 2017

Funny Business

If you're wondering what I've been doing with myself this past month, or so (I know I have), then you might be interested to know that among the things that's kept me busy has been putting together my first, self-published role playing game - now available on Drivethrurpg.

It's called...

Yep. That's a real game, really made by me, and really available right now for purchase.

It was inspired by my love of those very particular puppets seen on television, in movies, and in many other entertainment formats over the past 60+ years.

It also celebrates all puppets, and puppet programs like theirs, from Rags on the Patchwork Family, to the Gary Gnu of The Great Space Coaster, and the characters of more adult fare such as Avenue Q, and Netflix's The Fuzz.

If you've enjoyed that sort of wanton craziness in the past, and would like to try it as an RPG, please give it a look-see. 


Barking Alien


  1. Could players use the game to actually play the Muppets or other preƫxisting puppet characters from an established media property? Just curious.

    1. While I can not advocate that now that I've gone professional with the system...just as you can use InSpectres to run Ghostbusters, Starships and Spacemen to run a Star Trek game, or Champions to run a game set in the Marvel Universe, you can most assuredly use The Googly Eyed Primetime Puppet Show RPG to run a game based on your favorite puppet-related IP.

      You're welcome. ;)