Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Gaming is Broken

It's 2017, my 40th Anniversary in the gaming hobby. 

I have recently come upon the opportunity (half fell upon it, half created it) to run a game with a very cool, if small, group of former players who I really like gaming with.

This is my chance to run something really grand, and run it my way. This is a group that thinks my games rock, and for the most part they're willing to give (almost) anything a go.

With that...I have no idea what to run.

To be more precise, I don't feel jazzed about anything in particular at this very moment. Nothing is screaming 'run me'. I have a lot of ideas I'm kinda, sorta, somewhat interested in, but nothing setting the ol' creativity ablaze.

And that sucks. It really sucks. 

As my good friend Dave said today,

"I know guys you can run just about any of their favorites at any time. Tell them you want to play X, and they'll run X. And it'll be good. Maybe not great, but good.

You're not like that. You need to be in the mood for a thing. You need to feel it. If you don't you'll run three OK, to crap sessions and then dump it. It you do, it ends up amazing.

What do you feel like running?"

He's right on all counts, though I don't know that I've ever met the GM you can just run anything at anytime. I mean, if you don't connect with it in a deep fashion, how can you really run it well?

Anyway, not the focus. The focus is, if I get excited about something it will rock. If I don't it, will flounder. 

Why can't I get excited about something?

I think my gaming is broken.

Barking Alien


  1. I'd suggest one of the following paths to gaming:

    1) Choose a system that you enjoy and that you're familiar with. Then create a simple (or small) setting to start, perhaps with a "grab" situation to excite the players (if not necessarily yourself) and start building outward. Allow the development of your players dictate how you develop the setting...which, at first, can be stolen or knocked off from anything that works with your system of choice.

    2) Choose a setting that you like and that gets your juices flowing. Whatever is your interest at the moment...Rebel-era Star Wars, Star Trek (any era), street-level supers, whatever. Even if you can't decide, write down three and throw 'em in a hat and then pick one. If your immediate reaction is "eh," discard it and pick again. Once you've narrowed it down to ONE, choose a system that works with the setting (preferably one you're familiar with) and set about using that one. Don't worry about being "fantastic" from the get go...start a small scenario/situation for the players and see how a session or two goes. Once your players have made characters for the setting you've chosen, you'll probably get a better idea how you want to develop your game.

    Anyhoo...that's what I'd do in your situation.
    ; )

  2. So, some things I noticed...

    Your number one this, first words are 'choose a system'. Then you suggest creating a setting. Nope. Not the way I roll.

    Setting, story, what the PCs will be in the setting, that's first. Always first. Figure out what elements will wow the players, then myself. Next, create cool artwork. System comes in somewhere down the road, probably around thought number five. ;)

    Now, as far as setting interest, YES! You got it 100%. I agree wholeheartedly with your second point as written.

    Hmmm. For me, you probably should've switch points 1 and 2. LOL