Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enemies Mine

Introducing the starting line up of B to C-List Supervillains the players will choose from to determine who to hench for. I'm putting it to a vote. Whichever villain gets the most votes is the head honcho for the start of our game.

Now, at some later point the PCs may want to quit working for their villain or the villain might get captured. Maybe the PCs do really well and another villain notices and offers them better pay and retirement benefits. Its all up to them what they want to do.

Also notes that these villains are pretty tough but not A-List. These aren't the Dr. Doom's and Lex Luthor's of the world but they could be someday. Generally they are the ones who are either not quite there yet as far as power level or they are there but various things hold them back.


Radical feminist and political revolutionary (at least in her own mind), Anarchette seeks to put down the establishment and raise up a whole new matriarchal world, with herself either in the top seat or thanked by those who she put there. Unfortunately, she sometimes hurts her cause rather than helps it with an abbrasive attitude and no real clue as to how to put real change in motion. She is often opposed by Lady Mama and The Amazon Woman from Mars.

Mid-low in resources, mid-low in tech and middle ground in popularity, Anarchette's real advantage is the she is very 'hands on' and more likely to go out on missions with her minions than any of the other villains. Also, while her image sometimes confuses the public, her motivation is occasionally shared by other female supervillains who are willing to 'team-up' with her. At least temporarily.

Beetle Mania

A great Supervillain for first time henchpersons, Beetle Mania has mid-level ratings in Resources, Technology, Popularity and no direct Arch-Nemesis as of yet. Of course, he is several french fries and a vegetable sort of a blue plate special if you catch my drift.

All his gear, crimes and motivations are focused around insects. Beetle Mania is convinced that a terrible tragedy is soon to befall mankind and only insects will survive (they survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and will out live us if its a nuclear war, right? RIGHT?!?). That is, unless he and he alone can figure out how to create science and technology that will give humanity the insects' advantages. He's the best kind of villain in that amid the destruction he causes and thefts he performs he is absolutely certain that he is really the hero.

Board Game Geek

What does a lonely man with a good deal of wealth, no social skills and a penchant for Monopoly do with his spare time? Become a Supervillain of course! The Prince of Pop-O-matic, the Sultan of Sorry!, the Candy Land Handy Man - Board Game Geek has invented an amazing array of deadly death-traps to destroy those who would otherwise ruin his fun. Truth is he really has little to no motivation for crime otherwise. After having mastered every game he could find, he's just bored.

Mid-to-low Resources, mid-level Tech but high Popularity, BGG must face off the ultimate in ArchNemesis...es...Nemesisi...er...anyway, All Man! Yikes! Make sure the Geek gives full dental.

Magister Longissime

Pronounced MA-gee-stare LON-gee-see-may, AKA 'Mister Far Away', is a debunaire, playboy villain of the type that normally faces off with secret agents more often than the cape and cowl set. Dashing, handsome, wealthy and popular, he nonetheless faces massive challenges from organized law enforcement and government agencies. He is more subtle than the other villains but constantly under surveillance for any slip up.

Though unconfirmed, it is believed that this charming fellow of latin descent possesses powers of a mystical nature. Indeed it is possible that black magics are what have enabled him to amass his fortune and avoid capture. He operates from his secret island Villa of Doom. (Think Ricardo Montoban in Fantasy Island).

Mein Fuhrer Martian

Actually named something somewhat hard to pronounce which sounds a bit like Dr. 'Quarkwarp', this little green man with a big green brain is out to do nothing less than take over the world! Its for your own good you hairless monkey people. Only an extraterrestrial intellect as vast and handsome as he could save you from your own pitiful stupidity.

Pluses? Really advanced gear! We're talking ray guns, flying saucers, 50ft Super-Robots, you name it. Downsides? Angry Superheroine ex-wife, press created the 'Mein Fuhrer' nickname and now everyone thinks he's 'Nazi' related (That's ridiculous! I despise all Humans equally!) and how far can you go when you're a Human and you're boss hates Humans. He does have a real hottie of a daughter though...if you're into green women.

 What's up next you ask? Why, the milieu's Superheroes! After all, that's who the PCs will be up against. Be ready for the Earth's most gallant guardians and posh protectors...coming up next.

Barking Alien


  1. Wow! I love your villains. They are so creative and have a wonderful humor about them, too.

  2. Mein Fuhrer Martian? Why do I keep seeing Mel Brooks in greenface? :-)

  3. Any particular favorites? Who would you work for if you were in the 'costumed aggression' business?