Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We're Superheroes. What could happen?

Returning to my descriptions of the movers and shakers in my upcoming FIENDish campaign of nitwits and ne'er-do-wells, I thought it was time to have at look at those lowly and loathesome antagonists...the Superheroes.

The information you are about to read is what is public knowledge in the campaign milieu combined with here say from the villain and henchmen community rumor mill. Since the Heroes are the enemies of the PCs I can't reveal too much. Muhwahahaha! Wait...what does heroic laughter sound like? Probably more of a good hearted chuckle.

"We love you Metro Man!"
"And I love you too random citizen."
Metro Man, Megamind

The Action 5

Originally a social club of pulp-era style explorers, experiments in Super Science have given the next generation super human abilities, forming The Action 5!

Prof. Action is a two-fisted Super Scientist of the Dr. Quest meets Tom Strong variety.
Mrs. Action (originally Action Annie) is a rough ridin', pistol packin' cowgirl.
Triple Action is the elder son of the Actions who can be Super Smart or Strong or Fast.
Re-Action is the Prof. and Mrs.'s daughter with the ability to duplicate any action she sees.

and finally...there's Action Packed.

See...when the old team broke up Prof. Action went to his brother-in-law to fill in the ranks and he's regretted the decision ever since. The freeloading, loud mouthed, socially awkward Action Packed believes himself to be 'The Man with a Million Items! The right tool for the right job!' He definitely has the tool thing right...

All Man

The greatest of the greats, All Man is one part hero, one part movie star, one part demi-god and all man! He is also, unknown to his adoring public, something of an ass.

According to the underground grapevine, All Man's girlfriend, Ace Reporter Missy Montauk, also writes the speeches for most of his public appearances. All Man can be somewhat egocentric, unconsciously prejudice toward homosexuals and minorities and has a bit of a middle-American 'redneck'* quality about him. While not severe or intentional he can easily put his foot in his mouth and that foot is capable of one super powerful kick!

All Man's powers include but may not be limited to: Super Strength, Super Speed, Near Invulnerability, Flight and Kinetic Vision (basically a long distance, telekinetic punch similar to the 'Whoosh' gun from District 9). His weakness is unknown to the public but word from the shadows is that Board Game Geek and the villainous Ruthless Rex know what it is. Rex and BGG therefore remain his worst Arch-Enemies.

Amazon Woman from Mars

No one knows where she came from...oh...actually we do. Mars. Its right here in my notes. I apologize to my viewing public.

This Emerald Amazon, this Verdant Vixen, this Proton-Powered Pin-Up Princess is none other than the ex-wife of the villainous Martian mastermind Mein Fuhrer Martian ("Its Dr. Quarkwarp you sack bellied orangutan!") and mother to their 19 year old daughter Quasaria. She is well known for her humanitarian efforts, love of Blueberry Pie, Hot Dogs and Rock-n-Roll and has been linked romantically with big names from the Superhero circuit to Hollywood.

Powers include Telepathy, Telekinesis and Teleportation! While possessing no super human physical traits (other than beauty), she is an extremely accomplished hand-to-hand fighter and swordswoman. Her Arch-Nemesis is Anarchette.

Lady Mama

She started her career as the righteous Right On! Girl and was the first African-American cape on the scene. Over the years she defeated numerous villains, cleaned up many inner city neighborhoods and even has a short but successful singing career. Now, many years later, she is a married mother of two, still working hard for a better tomorrow. She will occasionally don her costume once more to fight the forces of injustice, especially if they threaten her home, friends or family. Lady Mama is the enemy of Anarchette, who she believes is hurting the cause of women more than helping it. As she herself so eloquently put it in a recent interview, "That girl is just a damn fool."

Lady Mama is an attractive black woman in her mid-to-late thirties who is just a tad curvier than her costume is designed to accomodate. Her powers have waned over time but she's got Super Strength, Invulnerability and a Super Leap than can clear oppression in a single bound.

(Imagine Tamara 'Cleopatra Jones' Dobson as a Blaxploitation Wonder Woman).

Mystery Guest

A suave and secretive super spy working for an unknown, shadow organization, this fellow is one tough act to follow...especially when he seems to vanish in plain sight. Equipped with numerous weapons and gadgets designed to look like common, everyday items, Mystery Guest is always ready for a sneak attack or a clever retreat from places where he wasn't invited.

A common theme among many of the Mystery Guest's opponent's is to find out his secret identity (more so than other heroes - like the old trope from the Flash comics). His main opponent is Magister Longissime with whom he appears to have a personal grudge.

That's all the time we have this post ladies and gentlemen. Good night, good luck and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Barking Alien

*Why is it we think a Kansas farmboy would best represent the American ideal. I'm surprised Clark Kent doesn't have a mullet and can read above a fifth grade level. (ducks flames and stings from America's heartland).

Just teasing folks.

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  1. Very fun--Amazon Woman From Mars is priceless. This sounds like a wonderful game. Very cool.