Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OSR Sci-Fi Game, Be Not Afraid of Greatness!

Starship Bridge
Artist: Berker Siino

I was thinking about my last post and how it might be a good idea to make some key points clearer. I picked a heck of a time to attempt this however as I am not feeling my best today and between fighting a cold, the meds to do so and being extremely tired I hope this is even legible.

Most of the attempts to create an Old School, D&D influenced/inspired Science-Fiction game have been pretty cool endeavors. I am impressed by them. I am especially impressed because getting me to like what you've done in this type of venue is nothing short of miraculous.

To begin with, I don't like the D&D. Everyone who comes here knows this by now. I don't have much more than passing feelings of nostalgia that fade quickly when OD&D or Basic D&D is mentioned. Until I began following the blogs of Jeff Rients, James at Grognardia and a few others, I really didn't know my Holmes from my Moldvay. Still don't really. That is, I can't really tell you what's different about each one. I don't know that I ever knew that. I probably houseruled the differeces anyway.

Secondly, I really don't think a class and level system with no skills works all that well for Sci-Fi. Hell, if I don't think it works all that well for what it was designed for I sure as shootin' don't think it works for Sci-Fi.

Anyway, the point is your trying to 'sell me' on the idea that a fish, dressed as a cat, is really a dog. Its not. It can't be. You'd have to at least dress it like a dog first. But let me tell you, a couple of these fish did dress as dogs and a few 'got me'. As the big guy in black with asthma said, "Impressive. Most impressive."

In the end, it may well be impossible for the idea I've always wanted to see work, really, truly work. That may be why we never saw it in the old days. Unlike S&W, Labyrinth Lord, C&C and others based on that not-so-long-lost game of yore, X-Plorers and its ilk are based on a game that never was. Maybe can't be. Or maybe we get closer with each try. Let's keep trying.

To infinity...and beyond.

Barking Alien


  1. Ever try Fasa's Star Trek rpg?
    I thought it was pretty comprehensive with how-to acquire skills & knowledge based stuff.

    My alternate choice was using Marve Super Heroes for a star-faring game. Anything that could handle Kree & Skrulls along with every other super-based advanced tech couldn't be far off the mark.


  2. You don't come here often do you GW? lol

    I seem to be getting a lot of that lately. I'm bummed to be not-so-well-visited but excited to see so many new faces.

    My goal is 60 followers by New Years Eve and 100 before new X-Mas. Clap your hands kids and help make it happen.

    I have indeed tried it GW. As a matter of fact you'll find it and version done by Last Unicorn Games are in fact my favorite RPGs of all time.

    FASERIP/Marvel lacks detail for me and doesn't have enough different levels of power. I'm not a big fan of it though it is rules light, fast and simple. Converting it to SF would take a little doing but I could see it.