Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm feeling...FIENDish

Not that I want to be a fiend. No, no. Just sort of fiend...ish.

FIENDish is the title of my new tongue-in-cheek, Silver Age, parody campaign that I'll be running with my old NJ crew. The initial focus, as I've mentioned, is a group of henchmen working for a C-List Supervillain in a world patterned after Megamind, The Incredibles, Venture Brothers and other forays into this particular genre parody.

As with most of my 'comedy' RPG campaigns, things are likely to get deeper and more serious than our 'serious' campaigns, periodically punctuated by moments of out and out Muhuwahahaha! I can't wait! Here's a tiny taste of what I've been working on thanks to creatively modifying some fantastic Sean Galloway concept art from the Megamind movie...say hello to Dr. Quarkwarp, a.ka. Mein Fuhrer Martian!

The good bad doctor will get further artistic adjustments before the final cut but I'm really liking him and some of the other villains and heroes I've thought up including All Man, Beetle Mania, Lady Mama and the dastardly Board Game Geek!

Other than this, my thoughts are turning once more to science fiction and the possiblity of either running Star Trek again or my old UFO campaign idea that I've never really been able to get together properly. Hmmm. This is gonna take some thinkin'.

More to come and soon!

Barking Alien


  1. That campaign sounds like a total blast. The Monarch and his henchmen are one of my favorite parts of Venture Bros.

  2. I can't wait to see which villain the players choose to work for! I'll be listing the choices in a post very soon.

  3. That does sound like fun and I'm a Venture Bros fan too - at least one of your "leaders" needs to use a similar manner of speaking.

    I think the henchman idea has a lot of potential, especially badguy henching.