Friday, August 22, 2014

RPGaDay Challenge - Day 22

Day 22 - Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

Another hard one. I simply can't recall which products I got second hand.

Hold on...I know for one.

This isn't a scan of my copy, which shows far more wear and tear than this one does. I don't want to mess with the one I have by putting it in my scanner.

Mine is indeed the original printing, Elric, Cthulhu and all, which holds a special sentimental place in my collection and my heart for reasons having nothing to do with Dungeons & Dragons specifically.

After reminiscing with her about the awesome Jeff Dee artwork in it, and how mine was lost in a move when I was much younger, my ex-wife, then girlfriend, picked it up second hand for me while we were attending our first GenCon together. I didn't know she had done this. She had seen it at a booth, purchased it while I was playing Sketch! for the first time, and gave it to me later in our hotel room.

Although no longer married, we are still very good friends, and we still get to game together a few times a year on holidays. The tutoring center where I work on Sundays, which I've mentioned on this blog before, is owned and run by her.

This book is one of the few D&D items I kept when we split our collection. She kept most of the Fantasy stuff and I most of the Science Fiction and Superhero stuff.

I didn't want to hold on to it because I needed it for games. I wanted it because it reminds me of a happier time.

Best secondhand purchase there could ever be.

Thanks for the memories,

Barking Alien

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