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Peace and Prosperity

Incoming mesage from Starfleet Command...

USS Prosperity, NCC-1587
Based on the Ventura Class By John Byrne

This past Saturday, October the 4th, I got the chance to run a one-shot of Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek Role Playing game for the bi-weekly group I have so far only gamed with as a player.

Star Trek: Prosperity was set during the Original Series, roughly analogous with the end of the session season. Everyone was fantastic, and the game seemed to go over well. Well enough in fact that I've been asked to run another one sometime in the future!
So, while not a Star Trek campaign exactly...but  perhaps a non-committal series of one shots with the same ship and characters​ is in my future. Ha! Maybe.

Will wonders never cease?
Episode Synopsis:
After receiving a resupply and 'tune-up' at the nearest Starbase, the USS Prosperity, NCC-1587, a Ventura Class Light Cruiser, is sent to the planet Proteus Scylla IV to perform a planetary survey. The world was last scanned and cataloged 5 years earlier, but the Scout ship which performed the service only did a cursory survey. A much more in depth look at this world is in order after Starfleet analyzed the previous mission's reading and found some very peculiar data.
The Prosperity arrives and after sensor sweeps of the star systems Gas Giant, Asteroid Belt and the main planet, discovers a mystery of interstellar proportions. It seems the United Federation of Planets wasn't the only galactic power interested in Proteus Scylla IV. The nearby Dramian species had sent two scout ships there, one searching for the other. Both suffered tragic fates. The first was crushed, and its crew consumed, by a bizarre native life form. The second, while looking for his 'countrymen', was struck by an asteroid...under very suspicious circumstances.
As it turned out, the Dramians wanted to study the planet in hopes that it had properties that could help them with a terrible plague on their largest colony, Dramia II. Unfortunately, the Orion Syndicate, dreaded, organized crime cartel of the cosmos, had discovered this world at some earlier date. The Orions were skimming off a waste film from the native life, a massive, sea sized colony organism, and using it to manufacture a medicine they were selling to the Dramians for exuberant prices. It was the Orions, using a tractor beam to push an asteroid, that did in the second Dramian scout vessel.

The Orions showed up in the final act of the episode, using three pirate vessels to protect there investment and operation. Luckily, the three smaller, more maneuverable Orion ships were no match for a Starfleet cruiser with an experienced Captain and crew. The Orions defeated (with one ship completely destroyed), the Captain of the Prosperity began to open a dialogue of mutual friendship with the strict, no-nonsense Dramians.

Our Officers (The PCs):

Captain Ann Fletcher (Dan), Born in space and accustomed to Zero-G conditions, this bold, young woman made things happen! Warm and social to friends, aggressive toward her enemies, you definitely want to be in the right category. For good or bad, she knew how to push the Dramians' and Orions' buttons (though never touched a button on the bridge, lol).
First Officer, and Chief Science Officer, Lt. Commander Solok (Leo), a Vulcan sensor systems master! He had a wry wit, but if you suggested such a thing he would surely tell you how illogical you were being. He managed to hack the Orions' less advanced computer systems to sway the fight in the Prosperity's favor.
Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Commander,  Dr. Jemm Paker (Ross), was a pretty no-nonsense medical professional, with the mind of a detective. In addition to performing as a secondary Science Officer in many respects, Dr. Paker was key in unravelling the mystery of why the Orions were trying to prevent the Dramians from learning the secrets of the medicine they were selling them.

Chief of Security, Lt. Bhoth (Pronounced like 'Goth', not Oath) (Alex), an Andorian with a chip on his shoulder the size of an iceberg on his home planet. Paranoid, and none too keen on the Orions as a people, the always combat ready Both was also a heartbreaker, leaving a forlorn love to join Starfleet, and having some previous relationship with our Geologist NPC, Ensign Plith. He formed a serious dynamic duo with Communications Officer 'Race' Carr. The Andorian managed some seriously devastating hits against the Orion ships.

Communications Chief, Lt. Rhys 'Race' Carr, (Arthur), sharing a bit of the Security Chief's paranoia, Carr was well versed in Starfleet regulations and protocols. If they were going to die, he was going to make sure it was by-the-book. Great use of the Communications system and character type to perform assists in both scientific research and combat. Wait, Race has a bowling date with Plith? Oh boy. The Both/Race bromance may be going to Red Alert!
Chief Helmsman, Lt. Stephen LeBrock (Saul), young, confident and easy going, LeBrock's maneuvers early in the episode enabled the ship to get much needed scans and intel on the nature of the star system, and the tragic destruction of the two Dramian ships. (Sorry you couldn't stay the whole session Saul. Good to see you and please come back anytime!).

I had a great time. Star Trek is one of my favorite fandoms, and my favorite subject matter for RPGs (though Superheroes runs a very close second). I really appreciate the gang letting me run this for them, and hopefully more games to come.

Live long, and prosper,

Barking Alien

This adventure was largely inspired by the Star Trek Animated Series episode Albatross.


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