Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just Being Thorough

Looking over my tabs, I am amazed at how few posts some of my favorite subjects have had.

Seriously, in 7 years, and about 845 posts, I've only mentioned Boot Hill once, which is one of only two posts to discuss Westerns at all. Chill, DC Heroes (DC HEROES People!), Paranoia, the Japanese table top RPGs Metal Head and SATASUPE Remix, all mentioned only one time each.

There's only been thirteen posts about Mekton. Thirteen posts about one of my favorite, most frequently played games. What the hell?

To remedy this situation, in which the games, and subjects I love don't get enough love, I am instituting my first reoccurring feature of the 2015:

On Thorough Thursdays, I will be exploring one of my all time favorite things that, for one reason, or another, I have not talked about nearly enough on this blog.
Note that this may range from obscure games, or settings that I really enjoyed but haven't played in 30+ years, to games I play, or have played quite often, but for some reason that completely eludes me, I haven't told you guys about. Also, don't be surprised to see entries on artists, actors, books, films, TV shows, and other major influences on me that I've treated like dirt. I am to make amends.
I mean, only three Red Dwarf posts? Three? What is that about?!
Thorough Thursdays, every Thursday, starting later today. On a Thursday.
Barking Alien

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