Thursday, August 15, 2019

RPGaDay Challenge 2019 - DOOR


Maybe it's Challenge Fatigue, maybe it's my busy Real Life and offline Gaming Life, but I am finding the last few words less than inspiring. As I am trying to write posts based on the first thing the prompt word brings to mind I am stymied. Nothing immediately comes to mind with Guide, Door, and a few of the next ones. 

Personally I think my first posts for this year's RPGaDay event were darn good. I apologize if the next few are not up to par. I'm trying to do my best. I'm sure one I get past the week I'll be back on track. 

The only thing that pops into my head when I see the word Door is my old Door Test. 

In a nutshell, I used to think that I could tell whether or not a potential player would fit with my group and my GMing style just by giving them a little test. It went something like this...

I would say, "You walk down the rough, stone corridor of an ancient, underground dungeon. You come to a wooden door on the left side wall that is open just a tiny crack. From out in the corridor you can see a large, armored person in a long cloak looking at a glowing gem. The gem is about twice the size of a Human fist. It is floating five feet off the ground. It glows with a violet light, crackling periodically with pale pink electricity. 

What do you do?"

If the participant asks how big the door is, how far the door is open, what they themselves are carrying, what they can do, or anything like that, I am going to answer but mark a mental X. If they're first question is followed by yet another similar question, more strikes are marked until the buzzer sounds and the person is politely informed we're going a different way. 

Worse yet would be anyone who asks the same questions but needing exacting measurements or questioning what type of door it is. This people are excused immediately and likely security will be summoned to see them out. 

So what passes? Not only will I tell you, I'll tell you what passed with flying colors...

"I kick open the door, level my long sword at the armored fiend and call out, 'Foul Villain! Release the Heart of Vel'Var'Vos or be destroyed!"

"I draw my sword, pull up my hood to hide my face, and open the door. I say in a deep voice, "M'Lord! Thieves have entered the dungeon. Get to safety. I will protect the gem. I swear to guard it with my life!' (guy's eyes dart back and forth suspiciously)"

"Um...Can I take it? (said in a cute, upbeat voice)" Are you asking me or...the armored person? "I...I just take it. He won't mind." LOL

Basically, if you can fall right into it, invest, commit, get creative, yet also work with what you're given, you are very likely gonna fit right it. 

I haven't used this 'test' in a long time. It isn't scientific by any means and doesn't take a lot of other factors into consideration that might give someone who seems otherwise incompatible a fighting chance.

Still and all, it worked. It never steered me wrong. Not once. 

If you had a similar test let know. If you had a different approach to vetting new players, what was it? I am eager to find out. My Door is always open. 

Barking Alien


  1. Probably something with both dogs and flaming oil. He seems like he could hurt me.