Monday, August 26, 2019

RPGaDay Challenge 2019 - IDEA


I have no Idea what to say about Idea. 

Aren't I always talking about Ideas? Is there any single subject or word that appears on this blog more often than Idea? Honestly I'd have to check. I haven't the foggiest Idea.

For me, it's all about Ideas. The concept of what the game is about, the plan on how to execute that concept, and the thought that goes into running it is far more important to me than anything else. The rules, the venue, and even the scheduling to some extent are all secondary at best. 

My particular and perhaps peculiar predicament is that A) I have too many [often conflicting or unrelated] Ideas and B) my Ideas can be big. Sometimes too big. 

My Ideas come fast and furiously into my head at all hours of the days and night, inspired by anything and everything from a random thought to a piece of artwork seen on Instagram. 

The upcoming Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance series on Netflix has me contemplating revisiting my Dark Crystal RPG concept - but wait - did you see that trailer for The Mandalorian? Rise of Skywalker is coming soon. Hmm. I'd love to get back to Star Wars for a bit...hold on...they're bring back the Legion of Superheroes in DC Comics. Not sold on it from the previews. If I was going to run Legion of Superheroes as a game I would...ooh...a Legion game...Did I mention I'm running a Sci-Fi/Space Horror game? Got some thoughts on that too...

As far as big Ideas...Sorry...Big Ideas...I sometimes come up with what one might call 'high concept RPGs'. These games require either a heavy amount of buy-in to the subject, a wide suspension of disbelief, or both. Games like Doom and Cookies, Hunter Planet, Steal Away Jordan, and The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men - not to mention my own The Googly Eyed Primetime Puppet Show' - are far from your typical gaming fare. These games can be very difficult to find an audience for and even harder to maintain over time unless everyone is equally on board my own insane Ideas for how to make it work. 

I suppose in the end, more than just a good Idea, you need an Idea shared by others. You, the GM, and your players need to be working off the same Idea or pool of Ideas to make a game go well. That and/or be open to new Ideas. If I am a player at a table where the GM says, "Look, I have this Wild Idea for a game", I am more than willing to sit down and see what comes next. I (personally) don't have to know and understand your Idea if it is presented in such a way that I get it as we go one. When that happens I start to comprehend your Idea and it forms the catalyst that enables me to generate Ideas of my own. 

Because Ideas that inspires Ideas have...wait for it...The right Idea.

Barking Alien

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