Friday, August 23, 2019

RPGaDay Challenge 2019 - SURPRISE

I've got a Surprise for you all. No peeking, now.

The Surprise is...well if I told you it wouldn't be a Surprise would it?

OK, OK, the real Surprise is that I am not going to talk about Surprise. I can't. Why? It would ruin the Surprise. 

Let me explain...

The next session of my new/current Science Fiction/Horror campaign FRONTIER (which will incidentally be the third session, though technically Episode II) will feature a major plot twist. The players are in for a huge Surprise!

One might even call it a game changer! 

Talking about Surprise now would almost seem like a waste when I can discuss the subject right after dropping one hell of a bombshell on one of my groups in an active game. 

To this end I am going to give this post a 'rain check'. 

I promise to do a post on Surprise on the 23rd of September. I know! It's crazy! Unprecedented! You always knew I was a maverick, outside-the-box type guy, but this is madness! 

This Barking Alien blog plays by its own rules baby!

Trust me I can hardly wait for the big reveal. They'll be so Surprised!

Barking Alien

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