Thursday, August 4, 2022

RPGaDay Challenge 2022 - Day 1


There is really only one person I can think of but its unlikely to happen for various reasons and that would be my nephew.

There was a time I wished I had a kid of my own to pass on all my geeky interests to but as that never came to pass I figured my nephew might want to try TRPGs when he was old enough and if he were into fandom things. 

While he is - especially Star Wars - he's not into it at the level where I'd think of him as a geek. He does love Star Wars, Anime, and video games but he's more a consumer type than a creative one. That may not be true or a fair assessment but that's how he comes off. 

I just don't think he'd be interested in it and definitely not to the level I am. He has so many interests and activities in his life already and it takes time to learn rules, schedule games, and find time to play. I also don't think his Mom (my sister) would want him even more distracted from responsibilities and school work. He is definitely the easily distracted type. Been there, lived that, so I totally understand. 

In the end, I will introduce to anyone I think would really like it but I am not targeting anyone in particular. Come one, come all.

Barking Alien

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