Saturday, August 13, 2022

RPGaDay Challenge 2022 - Day 8

Day 3 was 'When were you first introduced to RPGs'. As it happens, when I linked to my previous telling of that tale, I also end up telling you who introduced me to RPGs because...that's how stories work. If I tell you about the day I first played an RPG, I will probably be mentioning who was there and involved. If someone was a player, someone was the Gamemaster. 


I was introduced to RPGs by my friend Thomas Zizzo. I was 8 years old and Tom was 7. He learned to play from his older brother.

We were friends for a relatively short time. I was a year older and went to Junior High School before him and as it turned out, a different one then he attended if memory serves. 

Thanks Tom. I will never forget you and what you did for me. Hope you're out there somewhere, happy and doing well. 

Barking Alien

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