Sunday, August 14, 2022

RPGaDay Challenge 2022 - Day 9

The second RPG I bought was the third one I owned. 

This might require some explaining...

Though I'm pretty sure this is another story I've told before, perhaps more than once even, I received my first RPG as a gift from my aunt. It was Basic Dungeons and Dragons, published in 1979. I have already been playing the game for two years and running for one when I received it. I'd used boxed set and books owned by friends up to that point. 

Between receiving this life changing present and 1982, I was given other gifts by other relatives, mostly my grandparents, that would result in my obtaining various Advanced D&D books, Modules, and Dragon Magazine.

I played other games but they were always owned by friends of mine. That was until I started working at a local Comic Book Shop and earning money doing chores for family and neighbors. One day in 1982 a bunch of friends and I took what money we had and went on an epic quest from Brooklyn to Manhattan to find the fabled geek mecca, 'The Forbidden Planet'. A Science Fiction/Fantasy store that sold novels, comic books, toys, models, and anything and everything nerdy, it was also carried Role Playing Games. It was there I found Villains and Vigilantes. 

I instantly fell in love with it as I was a huge Superhero Comic Book fan but sadly I didn't have enough money to get it. I was a little short, so I pulled my friend Martin over and read him the back of the boxed set in an imitation of Ted Knight as the announcer/narrator on the Superfriends cartoon. After he finished laughing he agreed to split the cost and we each paid half. This was the first RPG I bought. 

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