Monday, January 24, 2011

The Flood Gates Have Opened

After my earlier entry today I started thinking about all the gaming related ideas I am thinking about. There's a lot. A lot of a lot. There always is.

Among the concepts blowing about in the windmills of my mind are:

Favorite Games I Want to Post About!

Most notably Teenagers from Outer Space, Toon, Sketch! and Faery's Tale Deluxe. In the cases of the first and last of those listed, I should also post up my houserules for each.

Why Am I Playing So Much D&D Lately?

OK, so its my own D&D-But-Not variation but still. It seems like over the last two years I've played this more than I've played almost anything else. That stinks. I want to go back to Sci-Fi!

One Shot Fever!

I currently have this uncontrollable erge to run a one shot of something at a convention or the like. I'm thinking of doing something at the next RECESS in NY but that's still months away.

Aliens & Astrobases is Taking Too Long.

That is, I expected to be done already but I'm not even close. I don't know why but I'm being really slow and meticulious with this thing. I guess that's a positive but I'm not used to taking so much time on rules.

Who or What Are These Creatures?

This is the cover for the Japanese TRPG Crash World, which takes place some time after a Human Starship has crash landed on an alien world. Now dwelling in this post-apocalyptic extraterrestrial environment, the remains of the crew and passengers must scavenge for advanced technology to survive.

Interesting group no? Tell me about one or more of them.

Well that's all the time I have for now. If I don't pass out early tonight I'll probably post one more time today.

Take that procrastination!

Barking Alien


  1. Teenagers from Outer Space is one of my favorite RPGs ever, primarily because of its fantastic execution. It's one of my favorite books to just sit and read, alongside the Unknown Armies 2e corebook.

  2. @Jamie - Couldn't agree more. I too reread it all the time. Super fun.

    @Greg Christopher - Thanks! Er...what party is that?

  3. Take your time with Aliens and Astrobases. I'm looking forward to it. I'm more of a fantasy guy than a SF guy, but I do like both and am interested in the homebrew/hobbyist Sci-Fi gaming action going on right now. I still want to check out Stars Without Number. I downloaded the PDF, but I hate trying to read through a PDF version.

  4. @ Barking Alien

    Think about Bruce Willis in Die Hard. When he throws the body down onto the cop car and the guy throws it in reverse and wrecks his car, Bruce yells out the window "welcome to the party, pal".

    I was trying to say, welcome to the group of creative junkies who share your "affliction"

  5. Ah. Yes indeed. An 'affliction' is often what it feels like.

    I envy those GMs and creative people who can obsess over a single project with laser accurate focus. I am not one of those people.

    My mind is constantly (and I do mean constantly - I hardly sleep) thinking, creating and reorganizing ideas. Most of these ideas are unrelated.

    I'll wake up thinking about my Post Apocalypse idea only to see something on my books shelf that starts a Superhero concept rolling. That concept will stick with my until I force myself to sit down and type up some stuff for Aliens & Astrobases which is Star Trek...Star Trek is Sci-Fi. I haven't worked on my Star Trek game in a few days. On to Star Trek, etc.

    The post above is little a tenth of all the things that occured to me to talk about on my blog that day.

  6. I have a related but different problem, let's call it "rapid sequential obsession". I wake up thinking about something and absolutely must work it up into something I would call a "launchable" state - maybe a page or two of notes is all it takes or maybe it's pictures, music, and a binder full of print-outs - and it will consume my free time and thinking for a day to a week. Then the next idea hits and it starts all over again.

    The problem is when I like one of them enough to push for a campaign using it but it's delayed to the point I'm 3 or 4 obsessions down the road and have to go back and recapture that mania again - sometimes it just won't catch fire. With the best ideas though, it starts back up just like it never stopped. The trick I am learning is to pick those best ideas and spend more time on them in the first place.

  7. LOL - I do a bit of that too Blacksteel.

    Generally speaking I reach the state you describe after about 3-5 days of my 25 ideas in a day madness.