Friday, January 14, 2011

This Is What Happens When You Blog Sick - Part 2

The Top 10 Things Most Likely to Occur
in a D&D Campaign
Run by Me

With 10 being, "Its highly likely to happen at least once per campaign. If hasn't occured yet expect to see it sometime soon." and 1 being, "Guaranteed! That is going to happen constantly. Possibly once every few seconds."

10. You will discover something on my world no one else (including no other PC) has.
9. You will make one NPC a staunch ally and another NPC an arch-enemy.
8. Your party will fight a creature, while solving a puzzle, while in a difficult environment/terrain.
7. Someone will be brought to tears or very close to it.
6. Someone will laugh so hard as to eject liquid from their nose or have trouble breathing.
5. You will want to play a wizard 'cause they're just so damn cool.
4. You will fight a creature that isn't in any official Monster Manual but can be looked up in a book on folklore or mythology.*
3. Something is going to explode, implode or possibly both simultaneously.
2. A philosophical debate will save the world.
1. You will leave the game wanting to play again.

*I have not read every Monster Manual ever made and its possible the name is being used for a similar creature but based on previous experience (over 33 years) the D&D version and my version will essentially be two completely different beasts. Literally.

Barking Alien


  1. I seem to recall there being a creature of myth and heraldry which shot flaming poop from its ass. Sadly, I have forgotten its name, but am 99% certain it has not shown up in ANY Monster Manual, ever.

  2. Bonnacon or Bonasus. Also seen as Bonacon and Bonnacorn. Used it in my world as well as in a few non-D&D fantasy games.

    It appears in the 'Monster Manual' of my favorite medieval fantasy game, Ars Magica.