Friday, January 14, 2011

This Is What Happens When You Blog Sick - Part 1

The Top 10 Things Least Likely to Occur
in a D&D Campaign
Run By Me

With 10 being, "Its possible but highly unlikely. If it occurs don't expect to see it again for a while." and 1 being, "Are you out of your mind? That is not going to happen in a million billion years."

10. You will come across a Magic Item you've seen before.*
9. You will encounter a Monster inappropriate to the culture of the region you're in.**

8. Every Spell you encounter will be familiar to you.
7. You will enter a dungeon.
6. You will leave a town, city or country and not remember it for something.
5. Only travel by foot or horseback.
4. You will remain in the exact same environment for more than 4 sessions.
3. You will fight a bunch of Orcs.
2. You will fight a Dragon without loss of life, property, collateral damage or sanity.
1. You will hear the GM say, "No. That's impossible" and I'll actually mean it.

*The exception would be those magic items mass produced in times of war such as items of protection and arrows of slaying. Potions are also not counted in this category unless their are of superior quality.

**My Gaki are found in my Japan, my Minotaur in my Greco-Roman area and Scottish Faeries live in and around the Highland hills and forests of my Scotland region. The random appearence of a Genie in the frozen north is highly unlikely without a very good backstory.

Barking Alien


  1. Heh. Like the man said...You ain't seen nothing yet!

  2. You will enter a dungeon.

    >Really? No Dungeons? Ever? It is part of the name ya know...

  3. It's Number 7 so, not never, ever but looking at my track record its pretty unlikely.

    More to the point, you'll likely...

    Joust with gryphon mounted riders in mid-air,

    Wrestle a sea serpents in the icy waters of the Great North,

    Hunt Wendigo in remote, hilly, snow-covered tundra regions,

    Discover a hidden desert city of multicolored glass blown by Djinn,

    Chase a masked, serial killer, wizard through the winding streets of a barely medieval metropolis,

    Watch as a dozen, thousand year old, 50 ft., magical Mecha rise from the ground,


    Avoid being crushed against the rocks of an island which is itself a piece left over from the creation of the world,

    BEFORE you first step foot in a dungeon.


  4. Okay, that's not fair. Now I want to play in your game, and I'm very far away.

  5. Good, very good...I think we may be thinking alot alike...