Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Good Day And Then Some

I want to open this post with a personal story.

Today is my 3 month anniversary with my girlfriend Jenn. She is an amazingly talented singer and keyboard player and she played live tonight at a restaurant in New York's Greenwich Village. Not only was she fantastic but I got to meet a number of her friends and they were really sweet and lovely people.

It seemed like all or most of them were artists, dancers or other creative types and as such I felt strangely comfortable with them right away.

Possibly the coolest moment of the evening was when Jenn announced her second song and that it was going to be special. Since she writes and performs her own songs for the most part, I think they are all special but I assumed she meant that it had personal significance to her.

It turned out to be a uniquely Jenn rendition of Rainbow Connection. I could tell many liked it but thought it an odd choice. I knew better of course. She sang it for me and it was amazing. It may not seem major to some but it was a big deal to me. I can be sentimental like that. I was really moved.

Love you baby.


Posting may be spotty here for the rest of the week (I can hear Statler and Waldorf heckling, "So pretty much the same as usual! Awhawhawhaw!"), as I prepare for RECESS.

Oddly, although I haven't run Galaxy Quest for a long while and never for anyone outside of my ol' NJ gang, I don't feel nervous about that session in the least. As always, nearly all my energy and effort is being directed at the morning festivities, The Muppets RPG. It doesn't matter how often I run it, I panic right before it's ready to roll. I feel like I can't take any chances that it could be anything less than ridiculously fun. Can't help it. It's my little obsession.


In regards to my recap of our Hunter X Hunter session last Saturday, I realize that there isn't much more to tell.

After reaching the Hunter Examination registration location (say that three times fast!) thanks to our guides, we spent the rest of the session role-playing, talking to NPCs, getting to know the world and getting into our characters. We added an NPC to our little trio of Hunter hopefuls, a 10-12 year old girl with pigtails in a sailor suit school uniform. This being Anime and Manga I can only assume she is among the most powerful and deadly people on the planet.

At the very end of the adventure, the first part of the Hunter Exam is revealed and it was refreshingly not what I expected. To pass the 'Physical Portion' of the test you have to cross a 'Ninja Warrior' type obstacle course. So cool. I plan on using my Creativity more so than my physical strength and agility to get past the obstructions and pitfalls.

Well hopefully I am in for a great RECESS and you are all in for a great Muppet Monday and Galaxy Quest recap new week. Back to work...

Barking Alien

PS: Today was my dog Delilah's birthday! My little girl is 5 years old and still the cutest, smartest, most awesomest puppy I have ever seen. Happy Birthday Dee!


  1. I love you Barking Alien.

    And I can't wait to give Dee a belated birthday hug. Oh boy oh boy its gonna be a big one!!!!!

    Can't wait till Saturday!!!!!!

  2. Hey she stole my idea! I was going to skype you a special rendition of Rainbow Connection in honor of your gaming anniversary - ah well, you're probably better off with her version anyway.

    Congrats on all your stuff and enjoy the weekend with the Companions.